Family Business built on Family Values

In the world of firearms, High Chaparral Gunsmithing stands as a blend of artistry and technical expertise.

High Chaparral Gunsmiths combined have over 50 years of hands-on experience working with and on firearms.  We have come to know firearms inside out, ensuring they operate at their safest and most efficient.

Even with such a variety of experience, we continually adapt to modern tools and techniques.  Whether you need repairs or modifications, we understand that each firearms is tailored to your individual needs.  In short as a great trainer and logistician once said “The mission drives the gear”   Contact us and tell us your current mission.

Explore our range of services for a gold-standard experience, treating every firearm with the utmost precision and care. Looking for repairs, unique customizations, heat treatments, engraving, or even a ground-up custom build? We’ve got you covered!

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Locations in Prescott and Mesa, AZ.   

Effective June 24, 2024 – Prescott will no longer be accepting gunsmith work.  If you know Gene, please give him a big congratulations on his retirement. 

Our Story

Dave Bench - Shop Picture Mesa

Hey there! Let me introduce myself, I’m Dave Grimm. After spending three decades in the corporate world, I’m shaking things up a bit.

I’m diving back into my first love—gunsmithing and building cool stuff. Thanks to my incredible wife, I’ve set up a killer new shop, and I’m super excited about the cool products and services I’m rolling out.

My gunsmithing journey began at 14-years-old, taking guns apart and usually putting them back together, enhancing their function, and then repairing them. That led me to Trinidad State Junior College’s gunsmith program (No. 1 Program in the country in 1988), where I got to learn from gunsmithing masters and industry legends. And then I spent a couple of years under the wing of a master engraver—what an experience!

As a shooter my journey started at age 6 with a Ben Pearson recurve bow, and quickly progressed into firearms around age 8, mastering the single shot Winchester .22 rifle.  Over the years, I kept my hand in the game, building custom guns and competing in IPSC and IDPA events.

Fun fact: from 2015 to 2017, I led an awesome team of industry experts over at the Brownells chat room.

Fast forward to today, I wear quite a few hats at HCG, from senior gunsmith, knife maker, fabricator, and even occasional blacksmith. I’ve worked on some crazy and cool projects, like bringing a 100-year-old shotgun back to life. And I’m an NRA certified pistol instructor.

Right now, I’m diving into CAD and keeping my entrepreneurial spirit alive with design projects. I’ve got some big dreams for HCG—think new pistol grips, collaborating on Pistol Caliber Carbines, and upping our refinishing game.

Just so you know, guns aren’t just a job for me. It’s a family thing—whether we’re shooting, teaching, or using them to put food on the table. So, stick around and join me on this exciting new chapter!.

The Rev. Dr. Eugene Grimm: I’m a father, a pastor, and a gunsmith.  For the first 20 years of my ministry, I was a parish pastor.  I began working on firearms in the late 1970s.  I was seldom without a toolbox and a gun to work on, although in those days they were my own firearms, customizing, refinishing and action work.

A glimpse back: I was nine when I shot my first firearm. It was my dad’s double barrel .410.  A little later my grandfather bought an H&R model 99, which remains a treasured possession today. By 12, hunting became a family ritual, side by side with my dad. During High School I moved from squirrels to rabbits and pheasants.  After college and seminary, I began hunting larger game. During the off-season, this zest led me to various shooting challenges, from IDPA and IPSC to Cowboy Action Shooting.

Due to my service to my church, Gunsmithing and shooting had to remain part time.   I’ve been a minister for 56 years.  My pastoral career has ranged from being a parish pastor for two decades, followed by 20 years as a stewardship consultant for the national church.  During those years, I worked  with over 500 congregations.  After  retirement I serve on the Living and Giving Stewardship Team of the North American Lutheran Church and am one of the pastors of the Mountain Reformed Church in Prescott Valley, AZ.

But that’s not all. I refuse to sit down and wait to die. Wearing another hat, I’ve been an Arizona Ranger for over 11 years and was recently honored as a lifetime Ranger.  My roles?  A company chaplain and an Internal Affairs Officer for half a decade.  In 2020, aligning my gunsmithing passion with my son, Dave and I birthed High Chaparral Gunsmithing LLC.

As a testament to my varied contributions, the esteemed Marquis Who’s Who in America welcomed me into their ranks this year.

Our mission?  Nestled in Arizona, we blend decades of expertise, ensuring firearms remain reliable companions. Priding ourselves on impeccable craftsmanship, fair pricing, and sharing knowledge, we’re more than just gunsmiths; we’re a legacy. For questions, insights, or simply to chat, drop us a line!