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Comprehensive Services List by High Chaparral Gunsmithing

High Chaparral Gunsmithing in Mesa

Comprehensive Services List

This detailed list covers most things we offer at High Chaparral Gunsmithing from basic hourly labor to engraving services, ensuring every shooter’s needs are addressed.  We focus on budget-friendly pricing without compromising the craftsmanship of High Chaparral Gunsmithing.  Whether you need sight installations, custom work, optics, finishing, laser or custom wood engraving, your results will be tailored to your unique requirements. High Chaparral Gunsmithing offers services in Mesa, AZ.   

Effective June 24, 2024 – Our Prescott Location will no longer be accepting gunsmith work.  If you know Gene, please give him a big congratulations on his retirement. 

Explore the Comprehensive Services List by High Chaparral Gunsmithing and get your firearm serviced today.

There is a $35 minimum charge plus optional consumables on every work order.

We reserve the right to deny work on any firearm.

Currently we do not accept Hi-Point handguns, Jennings Handguns, and select Turkish Manufacturers.



  • Our hourly manual shop rate is $80 unless otherwise shown.
  • Our hourly machine shop rate is $150 unless otherwise shown.

Sight Installations

There are thousands of variations on site installations.
Here are a few common services.  If your project isn’t listed below, contact us.

At this time we do not offer MOS cutting.  Installations and modifications to existing MOS are OK.

A proper MOS cut should be done on a CNC.

Dovetail Sight Installations (Sights Swap)

We have professional tools such as the MGW sight pusher to ensure that your gun is protected.

  • Installations for all dovetail sight swaps $35 not including your choice of sight.
  • If you provide a sight that doesn’t match the dovetail, shop rates apply for fitting.
  • Sight removals are best efforts and may include a surcharge if additional measures are needed for removal.  (Such as heat, drilling, or milling)

Peened/Staked Sights

  • 1911 front sights replacement or repair — $60 not including the sight
  • Convert 1911 to front sight dovetail — $50 not including the sight

Machining Dovetails/Sight Cuts

  • Novak dovetails (front & rear): $125
  • Bomar relief cut styles rear only: $175
  • Machine slide for LPA rear: $175

Fiber Optic Conversions

  • Front sight conversions (assuming proper dimensions available) -$75


Rifle/Shotgun Optics Installations

  • Laser bore sighting: $35
  • Laser bore sighting w/assembling mount and scope:  $60 (basic leveling only)
  • Drill and tap scope base: $25/hole (3 hole min)
  • Tactical/long range installations $125 (advanced leveling, MOA mounts, possible shims, optional ring lapping, boresighting)

Handgun Optics Installations

  • Optics-ready pistol: $40 for installation and bore sighting
  • If a rear sight needs to be removed, and a plate inserted, the total cost would be around $95-$115


  • Trigger Job $250 Including the RAMM Trigger
  • Trigger Job $80/hr Including a customer supplied trigger (Most triggers take an hour or less)
  • Hump removal from the back strap reducing the circumference for smaller hands: $105
  • Stippling the entire grip in customer’s pattern of choice: $85-$125
  • Finger groove removal w/required stippling: $195
  • Single trigger guard under cut: $40
  • Double trigger guard under cut: $60


  • Trigger job EDC 4lb’ish. clean and crisp: $100
  • EDC tune package : $125. (polish breech face, tune & polish extractor, polish and de-burr, polish throat and ramp[s])
  • EDC tune + trigger job : $205
  • Dovetail sight installation:  $35
  • Dovetail front sight conversion: $50
  • Convert front sight to fiber optic (sight dimensions permitting): $85
  • Stake plunger tube: $40
  • Install ejector: $40
  • Fit standard barrel bushing: $40
  • Fit match barrel bushing only: $60
  • Fit new safety (single side): $60
  • Fit ambi-safety: $100
  • Fit beaver-tail: $100 (might require finishing work)
  • Bevel magazine well: $100
  • Forward cocking serrations: $100 (will require refinishing at additional cost)
  • Lower and flare ejection port: $60
  • Fit match barrel and match bushing (labor only): $200
  • Bobtail conversion: $250 labor + parts & refinishing

Revolver (Smith and Wesson Preferred)

  • Swap sights: starts at $35 
  • Bob hammer: $45 (does not include refinishing)
  • Round and smooth trigger: $75 (does not include refinishing)
  • Revolver – Poor man’s trigger job: $80+ springs
  • Advanced revolver action Job: $250+ springs (rivals SW performance center)
  • Competition revolver action Job: $350+ springs and custom parts
  • Polish and chamfer face of cylinder: $150 (allows for faster and smoother reloading)
  • Fit new hand (single action only): $80
  • Fit new hand (double/single DAO): $60
  • Adjust cylinder timing: $80 (Parts not included)
  • Reset barrel cylinder gap: $160; $80 /hr. with a 2 hour minimum
  • Replace barrel w/no machine work (facing barrel only) $150
  • Re-crown barrel with standard crown: $100
  • Re-crown barrel with recessed match crown: $150
  • High polish and niter blue small components: $300


  • A2 style front sight gas block to low profile gas block conversion: $50 (labor only)
  • A2 style front sight gas block to low profile gas block conversion: $85 (labor + new lo-pro SS nitride gas block fits)
  • Assemble/build upper: $80–$115 depending on configuration
  • Assemble/build lower: $80
  • Muzzle brake/flash hider install: $25 (crush time)
  • Muzzle brake/flash hider/suppressor mount install: $35 (shim time)
  • Rail Installation: $60–$80 depending on the rail (includes removing and re-installing the gas block and muzzle device)
  • Single point sling adapter install: $40 (includes staking castle nut)
  • Stake gas key on BCG: $20 (includes torquing of gas key bolts)
  • Stake castle nut: $20 (includes torquing of castle nut)
  • Trigger component install Geissele or drop-in pack style: $40 (add $20 if gun has ambi-selector)
  • Swap crush time muzzle brake: $25
  • Install customer supplied low profile gas block: $40
  • Install free float hand-guard: $60
  • Cut and crown muzzle: $100
  • Cut, crown, and thread muzzle: $200
  • Pin and weld muzzle device: $125
  • Open gas port to mil-spec dimension: $80
  • Remove ban-era welded muzzle attachments: $50
  • Fit hand guard retainer: $45
  • Thread muzzle: starting at $100 (barrel only)
  • Thread barrel AK platform metric LH threads: $260 (w/ req. cut and crown)
  • Thread barrel AK platform standard RH threads: $240 w/ req. cut and crown
  • Build from parts kit $500 and up
  • Custom builds starting at: $800 and up

Bolt Action Rifles

  • Re-crown muzzle: $80
  • Custom muzzle brake (includes threads, finish, and install): $235 (+$25 for .338 – .375 + $100 for  .400 – .50)
  • Machine thread protector several options available including knurling: starting at $60
  • Drill and tap scope base: $23/ hole (3 hole min)
  • Pillar bed action: $250
  • Pillar bed action and barrel channel: $300
  • Inlet fiberglass stock for bottom metal: $150
  • Badger bolt knob Install (includes badger knob): $100
  • Custom bolt knob install: $100
  • M-16 style extractor install: $180  (including test firing)
  • Bend bolt (most military rifles): $125
  • Trigger job 2.0 lb.-3.5 lb. on most rifles: $100
  • Mount, level, and bore-sight customer’s scope:  $60

Shotguns (Pump, Auto)
Hunting, Combat, Home Defense

  • Diagnosis for repair: $50
  • Remove dimples from magazine tube: $45
  • Custom fit recoil pad: $80 + pad
  • Shorten L.O.P: $160 + new recoil pad
  • Single barrel no rib – cut and crown barrel: $100 (includes relocating bead)
  • Single barrel + rib – cut and crown barrel: $125 (includes relocating bead)
  • Cut and thread barrel for removable chokes: $125 per barrel (does not include chokes)
  • Bead installation: $25 per bead (includes bead)
  • Drill & tap for picatinny rail installation: $20 per hole
  • Lengthen forcing cones for lighter recoil and shot pattern: $100
  • Backboring $165 per pass (includes polishing)

Trap & Double Gun (SxS or O/U) Shotgun Pricing

  • Diagnosis for repair: $88

Gun Detailing/Cleaning Services

Includes Ultra-Sonic cleaning of handguns and small parts.

Also includes up to three magazines.  PSA: Dirty mags are the #1 cause of jams.

  • Clean and Inspect $45 all firearms
  • Surcharges may apply for unusual circumstances (Such as broken screws, missing parts etc.)

Laser Engraving (coming soon)

  • NFA Markings
  • Initials & Names
  • Knives
  • Logos & Graphics
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Dedicated Service Awards
  • Plaques and Awards
  • Personalized Gifts & Presents
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsmen Gifts



  • Standard Text Engraving: $50
    (Includes 2 lines w/13 characters per line, extra lines $15 each, extra characters $2 each)
  • AR-15 Magwell & Slides (surface only): $115+
  • Non- Standard Location Engraving: $75
    (ie: front of magwell, inside trigger guard, inside lip of magwell)
  • In house Graphic Design available upon request.
  • All graphics add: $35 – $55
  • Laser engrave gun trust: $50


Bead Blasting NOW Available

  • Handguns start at $150
  • Long Guns start at $225

Cerakote  (coming in 2024)

Parkerizing (coming in 2024)

Bluing, Black Oxide, Color Case Hardening and Molecular finishing (coming in 2024)

  • Small batch hot bluing available on request

Rifles and Shotguns Rust Bluing

Note: Rust bluing is a time-consuming process.  Most guns require from 8-15 treatments, followed by carding away the rust to leave a beautiful black oxide finish.  It is one of the most durable forms of bluing available and will generally outlast any cold and most hot caustic bluing.  It has been used for well over 1000 years. It was found on early Japanese swords.  In Europe it was used on straight razors. When steel firearms appeared, bluing was a necessary step to ensure that they would resist harsh weather without rusting. The investment undoubtedly pays off with the stunning black/brown finish that assures resistance to harsh weather.

  • Rifles and shotguns: $350.
  • Handguns: $300.

Wood Engraving

  • There is a wide range of pricing for custom wood engraving.  Please call 928-925-6057.
  • An engraved initial might be as low as $40, however detailed engraving can run into the thousands.

Concealed Carry Classes

  • Dave and Gene are both NRA certified pistol instructors.  Four participants minimum — $110 per person, contact us to schedule a time

Heat Treating Services

  • Hardening and tempering for low carbon (surface only), high carbon and stainless steels.  Includes dry ice cryo.
  • Small batch processing of small parts up to 24″ in length and 10″ wide.  Minor warp removal included.