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Product Spotlight: B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15

Today’s focus is on the B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15 rifles, presented in a video by Brownells, Inc. Offering two distinctive variants – the P22 and P23, or type 22 and type 23 – these well-crafted grips distinguish themselves with unique features including an optional beaver tail, a comfortable angle, and an appealing texture designed with practicality and ease of use in mind.

The choice between the P22 and P23 is largely dependent on personal preference and the specific type of lower receiver you use. In discussing the advantages of these grips over a standard mil-spec model, the ergonomic design, a prominently different angle, and the removal of the front bump characteristic of the A2 grip all allow for improved usability, particularly on a carbine setup. The article features actionable tips and insightful commentary on the grips, ensuring that you make an informed decision when considering your next upgrade.

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Overview of B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15

In today’s product spotlight, we delve into the features and characteristics of B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15. These grips are designed to enhance the shooting experience, offering better control and improved ergonomics.

Brief description of B5 Systems P-Grips

B5 Systems P-Grips are pistol grips made specifically for AR-15 rifles. These grips come in two different variants – the Type 22 and Type 23 – offering choice for individual preferences and compatibility requirements.

Differences between Type 22 and Type 23 grips

The primary distinction between Type 22 and Type 23 grips lies in the beaver tail at the back end of the grip. The Type 23 features a prominent beaver tail, while the Type 22 does not. The choice between these two types rests largely on individual preference and receiver compatibility.

The compatibility of grips with different types of lower receivers

While both types of grips are compatible with mil-spec lower receivers, for certain types, such as the brn 180, a Type 22 without the beaver tail would be a better fit. A grip with a beaver tail on such receivers may lead to odd gaps and an imperfect fit.

Personal Preference and Adaptability

Preference factors for the beaver tail

Choosing between a beaver tail and a non-beaver tail grip comes down to personal preference and the type of lower receiver on your AR-15. Some users may find the beaver tail enhances their handling experience, offering additional control and stability.

How a specific lower receiver might dictate grip choice

However, not all lower receivers are designed to accommodate the beaver tail. For example, the brn 180 lower receiver is more suited to the Type 22 grip, which lacks the beaver tail and offers a seamless fit.

Advantages of B5 Systems P-Grips Over Standard Mil-Spec

How the angle of grips enhances ergonomics

One distinct advantage of the B5 Systems P-Grips over standard mil-spec grips lies in the unique angle that the grip offers, particularly beneficial for carbine setups. This angle caters to a more ergonomic and comfortable grip, reducing strain on the wrist during shooting.

Comparison to A2 grips in terms of ergonomics and comfort

Compared to the A2 grips, the B5 Systems P-Grips offer a design modification that eliminates the front bump present in all A2 grips. Combined with its unique angle and texture, this makes for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip.

Product Spotlight: B5 Systems P-Grips for AR-15

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Color Options for B5 Systems P-Grips

Availability of different colors of grips

The B5 Systems P-Grips are available in a range of colors, accommodating aesthetic preferences. You can choose from a spectrum of common colors, ensuring that your grip matches the overall design and color scheme of your AR-15.

Special color options for specific consumer groups.

Aside from the general color options, special versions of the grips are also available for specific consumer groups. For instance, there is a version for society members, allowing these individuals to carry their affiliations over to their firearms.

Texture and Grip Handling

How texture of grips enhances shooting experience

The B5 Systems P-Grips feature a distinctive texture on the sides and front of the grip, but not on the back. This texture is designed to enhance the shooting experience, providing a secure grip while not being excessively aggressive.

Why the absence of texture on the back of grips is advantageous

The absence of texture on the back of the grips allows for easier hand repositioning during shooting. This design feature makes it uncomplicated to adjust your grip during different shooting positions or scenarios, without having to extensively break your grip.

Adaptability in Different Shooting Positions

How the design of grips allows hand repositioning during shooting

With texture present only on the sides and front of the grip, the design allows you to adjust the position of your hand comfortably during shooting. This flexibility can be crucial in times when you need to adopt different or more awkward shooting positions.

Why it is easier to adjust shooting position with these grips

The absence of texture on the rear of the grip means it is easier to slide your hand across while adjusting your position. This way, your hand stays locked into the sides and the front which are textured, providing control and stability.

The Grip Plug Feature

Functions of the grip plug

An additional feature of the B5 Systems P-Grips is the grip plug. This unique add-on product plugs into the hollow bottom of the grip, providing a useful storage compartment.

The potential uses of the hollow space at the bottom of grips

This hollow space within the grip can accommodate various items, from batteries to a multitool. It provides added functionality, acting as a handy storage compartment allowing for immediate access to small essentials while shooting.

Additional Products from B5 Systems

Description of other products that compliment these grips

Aside from the grip plug, B5 Systems also offer other products that complement their grips, designed to enhance the shooting experience and provide additional functionalities.

Why users might choose to buy these additional products

The additional B5 Systems products not only enhance the functionality of the grip but also offer customizable options aligned with individual preferences. This makes them a worthwhile investment for discerning AR-15 owners.

General Feedback and Reviews

Common reviews from users of B5 Systems P-Grips

Common feedback from users of the B5 Systems P-Grips tends to focus on their improved ergonomics, comfortable texture, and additional features like the grip plug. The availability of diverse color choices and the adaptability of the design are also frequently lauded.

Comparisons to other similar AR-15 accessories in the market

Compared to other grips on the market, B5 Systems P-Grips stand out due to their unique design features and thoughtful ergonomics. The ability to select the type of grip based on individual preference further strengthens their position in the market.


Overall assessment of B5 Systems P-Grips

In conclusion, the B5 Systems P-Grips offer a notable improvement to the standard grips often found on AR-15 rifles. Their unique design features, such as the angle of the grip and the textured surface, enhance the shooting experience and offer improved control and comfort.

Who would benefit most from using these grips

These grips are not necessarily for everyone, but those who value enhanced ergonomics, better control and grip, and the usefulness of additional features like the grip plug, will find the B5 Systems P-Grips worth considering. They are particularly beneficial for those using carbine setups and those with specific lower receivers like the brn 180.

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