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Product Spotlight: Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Today, we turn our attention to the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System, a product designed to significantly reduce a rifle’s felt recoil. This mechanism, which is particularly suitable for use with the AR-15, includes several components such as a recoil buffer, buffer spring, receiver extension, castle nut, and an end plate featuring a useful QD sling swivel socket. The system seamlessly marries the functions of both rifle and carbine systems, managing to minimize recoil while allowing for the installation of any collapsible stock that fits a standard carbine buffer tube.

In essence, the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System has two mammoth advantages. Firstly, it makes your rifle far smoother during shooting. This smoothness is because the system’s extra length distributes the recoil impulse more evenly, enabling swifter follow-up shots. The second perk of this system is increased reliability, regardless of the gas system length. The augmented weight of the recoil spring and the heftier buffer ensure the next round gets chambered, providing consistent and trustworthy feeding alongside gentler felt recoil.

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Understanding the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Explanation of the product

The Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System, also known as RMS, is a unique accessory designed specifically for the AR-15 rifle. The RMS is a refined version of the A5 buffer system and essentially the middle ground between the rifle and the carbine systems. It features certain components that work together to enhance your shooting experience by reducing and managing the rifle’s recoil.

Purpose and utility of the product

The RMS strives to make shooting smoother for you. Its primary purpose is recoil reduction, providing better and faster follow-up shots. The system also enhances reliability, especially concerning the rifle’s gas system length. With this product, you can expect reliable feeding, courtesy of the added weight and increased return pressure.

The Components of the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System


The buffer, which is longer than the standard carbine buffer but shorter than the rifle buffer, plays a crucial role in reducing felt recoil and improving the reliability of your rifle.

Buffer spring

The buffer spring in the RMS system is stronger than a typical spring, providing greater return force. It helps drive the carrier forward to ensure reliable chambering for the next round.

Receiver extension

The receiver extension, or buffer tube, is designed to accommodate the longer buffer. While being longer than standard carbine tubes, it accepts any collapsible stock that fits a standard mil-spec carbine buffer tube.

Castle nut

The castle nut securely locks the buffer tube in place, ensuring proper function and reliability of the RMS.

End plate with a QD sling swivel socket

The end plate serves multiple purposes. Not only does it provide an additional secure point for the buffer tube but also hosts a QD sling swivel socket for easy harness attachment.

Comparative Analysis with A5 buffer system

Similarities with A5 buffer system

The RMS shares several similarities with the A5 buffer system. Dimension-wise, the components, including the buffers and the springs, are identical and interchangeable. Both systems are longer than carbine systems and shorter than rifle systems.

Differences from A5 buffer system

One key difference lies in the buffer spring. The Bravo Company Mk 2 system uses a Chrome Silicon spring, offering better durability and performance compared to standard buffer springs. The RMS also comes with an end plate featuring a QD sling swivel socket, adding more functionality.

Product Spotlight: Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

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Design and Structure of the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Design details

The RMS is meticulously designed for optimal performance. The extra buffer length and stronger recoil spring work together to strategically spread out the recoil impulse, resulting in smoother shooting.

Materials used

The buffer tube and other components are made of anodized aluminum, providing durability and reducing the overall weight of the system. The buffer spring is made of Chrome Silicon, noted for its excellent heat resistance and longevity.

Comparison with other models

The Bravo Company Mk 2 stands out among other recoil systems due to its perfect blend of smooth and reliable performance. Its innovative design strikes a balance between rifle and carbine systems’ distinction, making it an ideal option for those seeking both reliability and comfort.

The Role of Recoil Systems

Explanation of the recoil mechanism

Recoil is the backward motion experienced when firing a rifle. The energy that propels the bullet forward also pushes the rifle backward. Without proper management, recoil can negatively impact accuracy, comfort, and shooting speed.

Role of recoil systems in enhancing the shooting experience

Recoil systems like the Bravo Company Mk 2 mitigate the effects of recoil, enabling a smoother, more controlled shooting experience. By improving stability, they allow for more accurate and faster follow-up shots, contributing to improved performance whether in field or competition settings.

Advantages of Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Smoothness of shooting

The RMS’s main benefit is making your rifle smoother to shoot. The system decreases vibration and recoil impulse, causing less disturbance to your shooting rhythm.

Better control on recoil

With the RMS, you can maintain better control over your rifle. By adequately managing the recoil, it facilitates faster and more accurate target reacquisition after each shot.

Faster follow-up shots

The RMS assists in enabling quicker follow-up shots. This is particularly crucial in a timed competition or tactical shooting scenarios, where every second counts.

Reliable feeding

In addition to shooting smoothness, the RMS also ensures awesomely reliable feeding. Its recoil spring’s strength, combined with the heavier buffer, provides more weight to drive the carrier forward, ensuring a successful chambering of the next round.

Understanding the Effect of Gas System Length

Role of the gas system length

The gas system length plays a significant role in how a firearm cycles. It directly influences the speed and energy of the bolt cycle, thereby impacting the firearm’s overall functioning, recoil management, and reliability.

How it affects the performance of the recoil system

The RMS ensures your rifle’s reliability, regardless of the gas system length. The enhanced recoil spring strength and buffer weight manage the forceful recoil of any gas system length, promoting consistent and reliable firing operation.

Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System in Competition

Role and advantages in timed competitions

In timed competitions, where quick, precise follow-up shots are crucial, the RMS is a game-changer. Its recoil mitigation features allow you to maintain your sight picture, facilitating faster target reacquisition and increasing your score potential.

Impact on performance and scores

With the smoother operation and the faster follow-up shots provided by the RMS, you can significantly enhance your performance in shooting events. By mitigating recoil and ensuring reliable operation, it enables you to focus on accuracy and rhythm, potentially leading to higher scores.

Installation and Maintenance of the Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Installation process and requirements

When installing the RMS, it’s essential to carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidance. The installation requires the correct buffer tube and appropriate tools. While the process is straightforward for an experienced shooter or gunsmith, novice users might need professional assistance to ensure an optimal installation.

Tips for maintenance and longevity

Maintaining the RMS is straightforward. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the buffer and spring will keep the system operating effectively. Using premium ammunition also helps reduce premature wear on the system components, extending the product’s lifespan.

Verdict and Final Thoughts on Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System

Overall assessment

The Bravo Company Mk 2 Recoil Mitigation System proves a worthwhile upgrade for AR-15 rifle owners, significantly enhancing overall performance, reducing felt recoil, and facilitating faster follow-up shots. It is built with high-quality materials, designed to last for extended periods of rigorous use.

Who would benefit most from this product

This system particularly benefits competitive shooters and those participating in timed shooting events where speed, shot placement, and follow-up shots are paramount. It is also beneficial for those sensitive to recoil or those wanting a smoother shooting experience.

Possible drawbacks and limitations

While the Bravo Company Mk 2 is a considerable benefit, it may not be indispensable for every shooter. Casual or infrequent shooters might not find the investment as justifiable as those using their rifles regularly or in competitive scenarios.

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