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Product Spotlight: Forward Controls Panel Cable Management

Today, your attention is drawn to an exceptional tool known as the Forward Controls Panel Cable Management System, the brainchild of Forward Control Designs. This video, brought to you by Brownells and featuring Caleb from the brown house team, provides an enlightening glimpse into this innovative product— a set of M-Lock panels with integrated cable management channels.

Proof that simplicity can be awe-inspiring, the PCM not only bolsters your firearm handling with the tactility of M-Lock panels but also allows for effortless organization of supplementary appliance cables— a relief for those of you struggling with the predicament of multiple cables. With versions in varying lengths, they ensure your cables are secured tightly, mitigating the risks of snags. Created in collaboration with Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC), these durable billet aluminum units certainly add more than a touch of sophistication to cable management on your firearm.

Product Spotlight: Forward Controls Panel Cable Management

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Understanding Forward Controls Panel Cable Management

Basics about the panel cable management

Panel Cable Management (PCM) is a straightforward tool designed to secure and organize cables within your technological equipment, specifically firearms in this case. The PCM provides a significantly simplified solution to managing cables, eliminating the potential chaos and disarray that can ensue when dealing with multiple wires.

How it differs from other products

The PCM sets itself apart from other competitive cable management products due to its robust build structure and innovative design. While other products offer basic solutions, the PCM provides the operator with M-lock panels that mount directly to your handguard, actively retaining cables securely while also providing accessibility.

Features and Design of the PCM

Unlock panels and their functions

The M-lock panels unique to the PCM serve two functions. Firstly, they provide a durable platform for your cables, ensuring they remain held in place. Secondly, these panels offer a user-friendly system, allowing you to easily mount the panel directly to your handguard, simplifying the process of setup and use.

Design and structure of the panel

The panels of the PCM are thick for a reason – they encompass the ingenious addition of cable management channels beneath. These cable management channels are the core essence of the PCM, becoming the very solution to your cable conundrums.

Beneath the Panels: Structure and Use

How the channels beneath the panel work

The channels positioned beneath the panel are designed to serve as paths for your cables. These channels act as the conduit which the wires thread through, neatly organizing and hiding the cables underneath the panel.

Purpose and role of the structure beneath the panel

The structure beneath the panel serves to keep cables concealed and protected, preventing them from being a mere obstacle on your equipment and transforming them into an organized and navigatable system. Through such design, the risks associated with loose and disordered cables, such as snag points, are significantly reduced.

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Size Variation in PCM

Differences among various sizes of panels

PCMs come in varying sizes, each serving distinct functions based on your specific needs. Depending on the number and length of your cables, you may select the short or long size panels. The ease of flexibility and adaptability offered by these size variations makes the product user-friendly.

Appropriate uses for different sizes

The appropriate use of different panel sizes hinges on the specific requirements of your equipment configuration. For fewer cables or shorter distances, a shorter size panel would be ideal. For complex setups involving several cables or longer lengths, the larger panels would be more suited.

The Role of PCM in Cable Management

How the PCM manages cables

The PCM utility in managing cables lies in its unique design. Ingeniously thought out physical channels beneath the panel are tailored-made to neatly accommodate your cables. These channels help keep the cables correctly orientated, reducing potential cable clutter.

Specific scenarios where the PCM is useful

The PCM is particularly beneficial in situations where multiple devices are in use, each with its set of cables. Examples include setups where a Surefire light, D-ball, and Axon Unity all requiring a cable management solution.

Issues with cable management that PCM resolves

PCM resolves common problems in cable management such as disorganization, potential damage, and mounting complications. By providing an organized pathway for cables and an efficient method for securing them, it reduces the risk of cable entanglement, damage, and visual clutter.

Incorporation of Multiple Devices

How the PCM handles multiple devices

The PCM can comfortably handle multiple devices thanks to its robust structure and flexible design. Regardless of how many cables or devices you’re dealing with, the PCM ensures organized, secure, and efficient cable management.

Possible configurations for multiple devices

Whether you’re dealing with a situation where an Axon cable is splitting into a Y, creating two more cables or a switch directly leading to a Surefire light, the PCM accommodates various configurations.

Introduction to Forward Control Designs Products

Other products from Forward Control Designs

The PCM is just one of many innovative products from Forward Control Designs. Each product is developed with a focus on functionality, durability, and user-centric design, providing practical solutions to everyday tech equipment needs.

The collaboration with Tactical Night Vision Company

The PCM resulted from a collaborative effort between Forward Control Designs and the Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC). Both companies brought their expertise to create a product that combines operational functionality with practical usefulness.

Identifying Marks and Logos

Importance of company logos

Company logos don’t just serve as an identifying mark, but they also provide an assurance of the brand’s quality and reputation. When you see the Forward Control’s duck logo or the TNVC logo, it reassures of the commitment of these two reputable brands in providing high-quality products.

Location and visibility of logos on the product

Users can find the Forward Control’s duck logo as well as the TNVC logo imprinted visibly on the PCM. Such logos serve as a clear identification of the product, echoing authenticity and allowing easy recognition of the product’s origin.

Customer Engagement and Queries

Encouragement for customer queries

Forward Control Designs believes in open communication and encourages customers to ask questions or voice concerns about the product. By opening up avenues for queries, they aim to maintain high customer satisfaction and provide useful insights into their products.

Platforms for customer feedbacks and questions

Customers can engage with the company and provide feedback across multiple platforms. Whether it’s through the company’s website or social media platforms like YouTube, every query and review is valued and responded to promptly.

Conclusion: Impact of the PCM on Cable Management

Evaluation of the product’s effectiveness

The PCM’s innovative design, bespoke functionality, and ease of use make it an effective solution for cable management. The protection it offers to cables, the reduced risk of snag points, and its uncomplicated setup and adaptability underscore its effectiveness.

Potential future developments for the product

Looking forward, one can only expect the development of more efficient and user-friendly iterations of the PCM. As technology continues to evolve, so will the need for even more advanced cable management solutions. Considering the adaptability and customer-focused approach of Forward Control Designs, it is safe to predict an even brighter future for cable management with the anticipated evolution of the PCM.

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