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Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock

In this feature, we’re putting the spotlight on Midwest Industries’ innovative Alpha M4 Stock. This transformational product marks a great leap in gun stock technology, primarily aimed at providing efficacy and convenience for users. Engineered with a 1913 adapter, the Alpha extension not only accepts an M4 stock but is also designed to fit on structures that can’t accommodate a buffer tube. This significantly revamps the functionalities of firearms that don’t typically use a buffer tube, such as an AK or a brn 180.

Furthermore, the Alpha extension comes in two versions: one with and another without a folding adapter. Such versatility allows the user to choose what is most suiting according to their preference or existing equipment. It’s not just about convenience, the Alpha extension makes way for enjoyable experimentation and efficient customization, making your interactions with the Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock a remarkable experience.

Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock

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Overview of Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock

Understanding what the Alpha M4 Stock is

The Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock is a powerful addition to any firearm setup. Designed to be an adaptive 1913 adapter for M4 stocks, it enables the incorporation of M4 stocks even on firearms that don’t have a buffer tube. This product is not meant for your standard AR-15. Instead, it was primarily conceived for use on the AK series, specifically the AK with a 1913 rail on the back. In other words, with the Alpha M4 Stock, you can set up M4 stocks on such weapons without having to use a buffer tube.

The style and design of the Alpha M4 Stock

The Alpha M4 Stock showcases an impressive and efficient design. Although it might look skeletonized and lightweight, rest assured it is robust and can firmly support an M4 stock. The main contact points are the top contour and the bottom with the adjustment notches. These features essentially provide a similar form factor to an AR-15 receiver extension, allowing any standard AR-15 Carbine Stock to fit right on. Most users will find it exceptionally solid once installed.

Features of the Alpha M4 Stock

The 1913 adapter feature

The prominent feature of the Alpha M4 Stock is its 1913 adapter, which allows M4 stocks to be used on weapons without a buffer tube. This solution is cleverly designed for those firearms where the buffer tube offers no added value, such as the AK series or a brn 180.

Option to set up M4 stocks without buffer tube

One of the Alpha M4 Stock’s key selling points is the option to set up M4 stocks without using a buffer tube. This effectively saves space and enhances the flexibility of the weapon.

Varieties available: with/without folding adapter

The Alpha M4 Stock comes in two varieties: with and without a folding adapter. Users who prefer the folding feature for their stocks will appreciate the one with a folding adapter. However, if you already have a folding device attached to your firearm, there’s an option without the folding adapter, providing much-needed adaptability to meet various needs.

Utility of the Alpha M4 Stock

Ideal for guns with a 1913 adapter

The Alpha M4 Stock shines when used with firearms equipped with a 1913 adapter, like the AK Sig spear. The design allows for a seamless and sturdy setup that enhances utility.

Lightweight option for a super light build

If you’re aiming to keep your weapon lightweight, the Alpha M4 Stock is a great choice. Despite being sturdy and reliable, this product is surprisingly lightweight, further ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessary heft to your rig.

Ability to mount on varying heights depending on optic setup

The design of the Alpha M4 Stock allows you to mount it at varying heights depending on your optic setup and cheek weld. This allows for personalized setup based on individual preferences, without any right or wrong mounting position.

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Unique Selling Points of the Alpha M4 Stock

QD slot addition on each side

One of the top features of the Alpha M4 Stock over running a standard receiver extension or buffer tube is the availability of a Quick Detach (QD) slot on each side. This positioning makes QD sling attachment more convenient and intuitive for the user.

High adjustment range

The Alpha M4 Stock also offers a high adjustment range, giving you the flexibility to make necessary changes for the perfect fit and feel.

The choice of going for lighter or folding option

The Alpha M4 Stock gives you the preference between a lighter or folding option. This ability to choose, depending on your requirements, adds to its appeal and versatility.

Attaching the Alpha M4 Stock

The process of attaching the stock

Attaching the Alpha M4 Stock is a straightforward process. It comes with a hex wrench for easy installation. Just loosen the screw and mount it onto the 1913 rail from the back, adjusting the height according to your preference.

Understanding how to adjust the stock depending on personal preference

The Alpha M4 Stock allows for customizable adjustments enhancing user comfort. Depending on your optic setup and cheek weld preference, you can choose to mount it at any height position on the 1913 rail. There are no predefined right or wrong places to mount it, but rather, it depends on your individual preference.

The Folding Mechanism of the Alpha M4 Stock

The difference between the folding and non-folding variant

The key distinction between the Alpha M4 Stock variants lies in their folding mechanism option. The non-folding variant, constructed entirely of aluminum except the screw, is lighter and ideal for a super lightweight build. On the other hand, the folding variant includes a steel folding mechanism, useful for allowing the M4 stock to fold.

How does the folding mechanism works

In the folding variant, the steel folding mechanism is solid and reliable, allowing you to fold over your stock when not in use effectively. This feature makes storage or transportation of your firearm more convenient.

The personalisation and flipping of the folding mechanism

The folding mechanism of the Alpha M4 Stock allows for personalization. Specifically, the stock can be made to fold another way by simply removing the extension from the folding mechanism, flipping the folder, and reinstalling the extension.

Comparing Alpha M4 Stock with Standard Receiver Extension

The notable differences

Comparatively, the Alpha M4 Stock stands out from a standard receiver extension in several ways. Firstly, it has a QD slot on each side, making it easier to attach a sling. Secondly, it boasts a high adjustment range, and lastly, it is remarkably lighter or allows folding, depending on the model you choose.

Why Alpha M4 Stock is a better choice

Given its unique features, the Alpha M4 Stock becomes a better choice than a standard receiver extension. Its ability to fit on a 1913 adapter, along with QD slots, high adjustability range, and the folding mechanism, not only enhances firearm utility but also provides an exceptional user experience.

Alpha M4 Stock’s Compatibility

Ideal for AK Sig spear and other guns with a 1913 adapter

The Alpha M4 Stock, designed to be a 1913 adapter, is ideally suited for the AK Sig spear and other guns with a 1913 adapter.

Good fit for BRN 180 lower receiver

Users have reported that the Alpha M4 Stock is a good fit for a BRN 180 lower receiver, demonstrating its compatibility with a variety of firearm models.

Customer Support for Alpha M4 Stock

Availability of technical support

Midwest Industries offers technical support for the Alpha M4 Stock. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation or use, their knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

Sources to leave queries and comments

If you’re watching a product demo of the Alpha M4 Stock on YouTube, feel free to leave your questions or comments below the video. Alternatively, the product-related queries can also be made by calling Midwest Industries’ Tech line.


Summarising the unique features of the Alpha M4 Stock

In conclusion, the Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock is a unique product offering robust features. These include the adaptation of M4 stocks without the need for a buffer tube, the QD slots on each side, high adjustability range, the folding mechanism, and impressive compatibility. As such, it embodies a mix of functionality, adjustability, and effectiveness in a compact design.

Final thoughts on the product’s efficiency and usability

Efficiency and usability are at the heart of the Alpha M4 Stock. Its design allows you to comfortably mount it according to your needs, and the folding variant even gives you a convenient transportation option. All these factors make this stock an excellent investment for firearm enthusiasts.

Who the Midwest Industries Alpha M4 Stock is ideally suitable for

The Alpha M4 Stock is highly suitable for users who value flexibility and control over their firearms setup. Especially for those who have firearms with a 1913 adapter like AK Sig spear and looking for a good fit for the BRN 180 lower receiver, the Alpha M4 Stock could prove to be a game-changer in ergonomics and convenience.

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