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Product Spotlight: MultiTasker Nano 2 & Magpod

In today’s product showcase, let’s shift the focus towards an intriguing piece of technology from MultiTasker Tools: the Nano 2 and the MagPod. Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb skillfully introduces the Nano 2, the powerful successor to an earlier model initially designed to adjust Aimpoint red dot sights. This versatile tool broadens its grasp, now equipped to service an array of optics, making it a must-have device while dealing with modern red dot sights. Be assured, the Nano 2, with its flat-head screwdriver at one end and a Torx T-10 driver on the other, ensures finesse and precision.

The Nano 2 tool, just 1-1/4″ X 1/2″, is built for portability. Harnessing its petite size as an advantage, it effectively gets rid of the considerable task of battery cap removal with the aid of ‘wings’ on its sides. Additionally, this tool shares the spotlight with the MultiTasker MagPod. Designed to replace the floorplate of Magpul Gen M3 PMAG AR-15 magazine, the MagPod doubles as a ‘field expedient monopod’ and a reloading aid providing an ergonomic surface. Snap in a Nano tool at the back slot, and it’s securely locked, providing you ease and comfort during intense sessions of competition or training. And to top it all, be amused at how the Nano tool, as Caleb reveals, spices up your romantic life.

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Overview of MultiTasker Nano 2 & Magpod

The present article sheds light on two extraordinary tools, the MultiTasker Nano 2 and the MagPod, which cater to a spectrum of user needs. Both the products share the same manufacturer, namely, MultiTasker Tools, known for their quality and innovative design.

Brief summary of both products

The MultiTasker Nano 2 is an upgraded version of the Nano tool, engineered originally for adjusting AimPoint red dot sights. Unveiling the Nano 2 marks the inclusion of a flat-head screwdriver and Torx T-10 driver, turning it into a much more adaptable tool.

On the other hand, the MagPod functions as both a monopod and a reloading aid while serving as a holder for the Nano tool. Replacing the floorplate of a Gen M3 PMAG AR-15 magazine, it offers an ergonomic grasp or locating surface, enabling you to change magazines swiftly. The MagPod has a slot on the back to securely accommodate a Nano tool, adding to its utility.

Their shared manufacturer: MultiTasker Tools

MultiTasker Tools is recognized for its commitment to enhance user experience via innovative design and excellent craftsmanship. Their creation, the MultiTasker Nano 2, aims to cater to a wider array of optics adjustments, while their MagPod offers dual functionality, serving as a monopod and reloading aid.

In-Depth Look at MultiTasker Nano 2

Unveiling the MultiTasker Nano 2 brings with it a host of new benefits.

Differences between the Nano 1 and Nano 2

The Nano 1 was distinctly designed for AimPoint red dot sights with a two-prong adjuster. However, the Nano 2 exhibits a wider range of adaptability courtesy of a flat-head screwdriver and Torx T-10 driver.

Significance of the flat-head screwdriver and Torx T-10 driver in the Nano 2

These additions arm you with the ability to tweak adjustment screws on a vast array of modern red dot sights. The Torx T-10 caters to the AimPoint acros and other similar devices while the small flat-head can adjust optics like EOTechs and Hollow Sun’s, essentially anything requiring a flat tip.

Functionality of the wings on the Nano 2

The wings attached to the Nano 2 play an instrumental role in the removal of slotted battery caps, making it a device that fits almost all gadgets demanding a slotted battery cap.

Convenience and portability of the Nano 2

Despite its small size, which some might see as a flaw, the Nano 2 is an embodiment of convenience. The tool is compact enough to be carried on a lanyard or even a keyring, providing the advantage of having a handy tool with you at all times.

Exploring the Usefulness of MagPod

The MultiTasker MagPod is a versatile tool with a multitude of uses.

MagPod as a Field Expedient Monopod and Reloading Aid

The MagPod primarily performs the role of a monopod, providing a sturdy platform. Furthermore, it also doubles as a reloading aid due to its ergonomic design, enabling quick and efficient magazine changes.

Attachment of a Nano tool to MagPod

The MagPod’s design incorporates a slot to safely lock a Nano tool in place. This feature ensures that you have a multifunctional tool with you, even while being active in competitive events or training sessions.

MagPod as a holder for Nano 2

The MagPod also functions as a holder for the Nano 2, offering added convenience for users and making it an ideal companion on the range. It is designed in a way to easily insert and remove the Nano tool, making adjustments quick and hassle-free.

Product Spotlight: MultiTasker Nano 2  Magpod

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Utility of The MultiTasker Nano 2 & MagPod for AR-15

The MultiTasker Nano 2 and the MagPod provide valuable functionalities for AR-15 users.

The utility of both products for adjustments on AR-15

The main task of both the products is primarily geared towards adjusting optics. The Nano 2 proves to be a more versatile tool with its capability to service a vast range of optics. The MagPod, while offering a platform for the firearm, also holds the Nano 2 for quick adjustments.

How these tools enhance the shooter’s experience

The MagPod, serving as a field expedient monopod, provides stability for your firearm. Simultaneously, the Nano tools can rectify optic adjustments, leading to more accurate shooting. This accuracy could be your lifesaver when your friend struggles to adjust the aim, earning you bonus points.

Compatibility of MultiTasker Nano 2 & MagPod

The MultiTasker Nano 2 and the MagPod are versatile in their compatibility with various kinds of optics and magazine types, respectively.

Compatibility of MultiTasker Nano 2 with different types of optics

The Nano 2 is equipped with a T-10 Torx that fits AimPoint acros and many other optics, whereas the flat-head side fits devices like EOTechs, Hollow Sun’s, and any other gadget making use of a flat tip.

Compatibility of MagPod with different magazine types

The MagPod, crafted to replace the floorplate of the Magpul Gen M3 PMAG AR-15 magazine, demonstrates broad compatibility. There is also a version available for Gen M2 PMAG magazine, catering to different magazine types.

How To Utilize the MultiTasker Nano 2

The Nano 2’s innovative design aids in the servicing of a wide array of optics.

Usage guide of the Nano 2 flat head side

The flat head side on the Nano 2 can be used to make adjustments on devices such as EOTechs and Hollow Sun’s and any other device that implements a flat tip.

Usage guide of the Torx bit

The Torx bit in the Nano 2, a T-10, can service your AimPoint acros and many other similar devices.

Advice on securing the Nano 2 for safekeeping

Given the compact size of the Nano 2, it is recommended to secure it with a lanyard or attach it to your keyring to prevent losing it.

How To Use The MagPod

The MagPod poses as a useful attachment with the Nano tool that serves several functions.

Steps to use MagPod as a monopod and reloading aid

The MagPod replaces the floorplate of the Gen M3 PMAG AR-15 magazine, turning into a reliable monopod and reloading aid.

How to attach and detach Nano tool to/from MagPod

To attach the Nano tool to the MagPod, slide it into the slot at the back until it locks in place. To detach it, use the tip of a .223 / 5.56 cartridge to depress the tab and release the tool.

Additional Features and Specs

Both the Nano 2 and MagPod possess extra features, making them handy tools for users.

Extra features on both the Nano 2 and MagPod that add value

Users who bring the Nano 2 always at hand benefit from its versatility: the ability to service a wide array of optics and handy removal of slotted battery caps. Meanwhile, the MagPod allows for quick magazine changes and securely houses your Nano tool.

Technical specs of both products

Both the MagPod and Nano 2 are designed to provide optimum convenience to the user, with user-friendly features and compatibility with multiple devices. The Nano 2, as compact as 1-1/4″ x 2/1″, is a versatile tool, while the MagPod readily replaces the floorplate of a Gen M3 PMAG AR-15 magazine.

Material and durability aspects of both products

Given their shared manufacturer, MultiTasker Tools, the hardy build of both the MagPod and Nano 2 testaments the quality of the brand. Users can depend on these durable and reliable tools for all their optics adjustment needs.

Purchasing Options and Pricing

The MultiTasker Nano 2 and MagPod can be procured effortlessly.

Where to purchase MultiTasker Nano 2 & MagPod

The products can be purchased primarily from firearm retailers and other such platforms that deal in firearm accessories.

Pricing comparison of both products

Pricing varies based on the product, with the utility-filled Nano 2 being priced slightly higher owing to its versatility.

Reviews and ratings from customers

Existing users have given positive reviews and high ratings for both the Nano 2 and the MagPod. They appreciate the products for their compactness, versatility, and quality, all of which significantly enhance their shooting experiences.


Both the MultiTasker Nano 2 and MagPod bear testimony to exceptional design and impressive utility.

A summary of the MultiTasker Nano 2 & MagPod characteristics and features

The Nano 2, a universal tool, is capable of servicing a variety of optics, while MagPod, serving both as a monopod and reloading aid, also houses the Nano tool. Both the products exhibit exemplary utility and their compact sizes mean they can be carried around easily.

Benefits and value these tools present for users

Their users express satisfaction with their consistency in performance and matchless functionality. Due to the compactness and built-in lanyard loop, the probability of losing such minuscule tools is minimal. The presence of a Nano tool in their possession on the range not only ensures a seamless shooting experience but also replaces the need for any other tool adjustments.

Exploration of why having these tools can be beneficial

The advent of MultiTasker Nano 2 and MagPod has indeed revolutionized user experience with their innovative design and functionality. They undoubtedly serve as excellent investments for those seeking versatility, convenience, and efficiency in their tools.

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