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CMMG AR-15 .22 Longrifle Conversion Kits

As a financial-savvy firearm enthusiast, there’s no denying the potential value of the CMMG AR-15 .22 Long Rifle conversion kit. Designed for individuals looking to economize on ammunition costs, it offers the convenience of transforming your AR-15 from .223/5.56 to 22 Long Rifle. This article will guide you through the installation process of this top-notch product, ensuring utmost understanding for a seamless and successful operation.

The piece goes in-depth into the specifics of installing the Echo version of this CMMG .22 Conversion kit. However, it is important to note that the process remains largely the same for both the Alpha and Bravo units. Extra precaution will be exercised by ensuring the workspace is devoid of any ammunition and the gun properly examined to confirm it’s unloaded before diving into the conversion. The emphasis is placed on accurate and comprehensive step-by-step guidance, assuring a thoughtful and meticulous conversion process for this all-important firearms accessory.

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Table of Contents

Overview of CMMG AR-15 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

The CMMG AR-15 .22 Long Rifle conversion kits serve as a remarkable product if you are looking to convert your AR-15 from .223/5.56 to .22 Long Rifle, leading to considerable savings on ammunition.

Purpose of the conversion kit

The main purpose of the CMMG .22 Conversion Kit is straightforward – it enables the conversion of your AR-15 from .223/5.56 to .22 Long Rifle.

Benefits of using the conversion kit

This conversion presents a number of notable benefits. Firstly, it allows you to save a significant amount on ammunition costs. Besides, the installation and maintenance process of this kit is fairly simple.

Different types of CMMG .22 Conversion kits

We will be installing the Echo version of the CMMG .22 Conversion kit for this guide, but it’s worth mentioning that the process is the same for the Alpha and Bravo units as well.

Checking the Gun Before Installation

Before starting the installation process, it is imperative to ensure the gun is safely unloaded by visually and physically inspecting the chamber.

Ensuring the gun is unloaded

To make sure the weapon is unloaded, you must perform a visual and physical inspection of the chamber. This should be done with utmost care to ensure safety.

Visually and physically inspecting the chamber

Visually inspecting the chamber involves looking deep into it to ascertain that there’s no remaining ammunition inside. On the other hand, physical inspection involves using your fingers to feel inside the chamber for possible remnants of ammunition.

Creating a safe workplace environment

Keeping all ammunition away, ensuring your work area is well lit and tidy, and using suitable protective gear are essential steps to creating a safe workspace environment before starting the installation process.

Installation of the CMMG AR-15 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

Installation begins by separating the upper and lower receiver of your AR-15, followed by the removal of the existing bolt and carrier group.

Splitting the upper and lower receiver

You need to start by pushing out the takedown pin to split the upper and lower receiver.

Removing the existing bolt and carrier group

Once the upper and lower receiver parts are separated, pull the charging handle towards the rear, but only halfway, and then remove your existing bolt and carrier group.

Installing the charging handle

The Echo kit comes with an anti-jam charging handle, which is recommended to use during the process. However, you can opt to use your existing charging handle as well. Completely remove the charging handle, and then insert the CMMG anti-jam charging handle into the rear of the upper receiver.

Inserting the .22 bolt carrier group

The next step is to slide the .22 bolt carrier group into the upper and push it along with the charging handle fully until it’s forward into its place.

Verifying the installation

After closing the lower part and pushing in the takedown pin, you need to verify the installation. You do this by cycling the action a few times and checking if the safety is functioning correctly. Once done, you will be ready to start using your weapon.

CMMG AR-15 .22 Longrifle Conversion Kits

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Proper Care and Maintenance of the Conversion Kit

Next, we’ll focus on the maintenance and proper care of the conversion kit. To clean the conversion kit, you need to remove the bolt carrier group from the upper receiver.

Removing the bolt carrier group for maintenance

Remove the bolt carrier group by pushing out the takedown pin to access it. After this, pull the charging handle out halfway and remove the carrier.

Cleaning the barrel and chamber of the AR-15

While you have the carrier group removed, thoroughly clean the AR-15’s barrel and chamber as usual.

Disassembling the bolt carrier

The bolt carrier can now be disassembled. The Echo kit comes with a forward assist, which needs to be pulled out of the carrier’s right side.

Detailed Cleaning Instructions for the Conversion Kit

After having disassembled the bolt carrier group, you are now prepared for deep cleansing.

Cleaning the entire conversion unit with a nylon brush and solvent

With all the parts disassembled, it’s time to begin deep cleaning, starting with scrubbing the entire conversion unit with a nylon brush and solvent.

Focus areas for cleaning

Pay special attention to the front of the conversion unit where it seats in the centerfire chamber. Also, clean the bolt face and chamber mouth well to remove any carbon buildup that might interfere with proper functioning of the kit.

Applying aerosol cleaner

Next, spray all the parts with an aerosol cleaner before wiping off any excess with a cloth.

Lubricating the bolt and carrier

After thoroughly cleaning each part, proceed to lubricate the bolt and carrier to assure the unit’s proper function.

Relubrication Process

A detailed cleaning process is never complete without relubrication. This process ensures that your gun works efficiently and prevents unnecessary friction that can lead to damage.

Application of gun oil

A quality gun oil like Break Free should be applied to the bolt’s outer part, where it rides in the carrier, and to the guide rails it rides on.

Key areas for lubrication

Lubricate the bolt carrier group to ensure smooth operation and the guide rod to keep the kit running properly. A small amount of oil should also be applied to the charging handle, where it rides in the receiver.

Advantages of regular lubrication

Regular lubrication protects your gun from premature wear and tear. It also ensures smooth and efficient operation of your firearm.

Reassembling the Conversion Kit

After having cleaned, sprayed and lubricated the parts, the next step is the reassembly of the kit.

Reinserting the firing pin

Start with the bolt by inserting the firing pin, spring end first, into the bolt’s rear.

Adding the extractor

Next, insert the extractor into the bolt’s side. You will need to align the hole in the extractor with the hole in the bolt and insert the extractor retaining pin from the bottom.

Placing the bolt back into the carrier

After reassembling the bolt, insert the spring back into its carrier by lining up the pin at the back side of the guide rod with the circular hole on the carrier.

Inserting the chamber adapter and the forward assist

Next, insert the chamber adapter into the carrier, ensuring the feed ramp on the adapter faces the bolt’s bottom. Lastly, slide the forward assist back in from the right side until it snaps into place.

Reinstallation of the Reassembled Conversion Kit

With the bolt carrier now reassembled, you can now put it back into the upper receiver, slide it, and the charging handle forward into place.

Positioning the bolt carrier back into the upper receiver

Place the reassembled bolt carrier back into the upper receiver.

Reattaching the charging handle

Slide the bolt carrier group and charging handle forward into place.

Merging the lower and upper receivers

Once the positioning is done, close the receivers, pushing in the rear takedown pin. The gun is now fully reassembled.

Operating the action to ensure proper function

Cycling the action a few times and verify the safety is functioning correctly confirms that you have done an excellent job in reinstalling the kit.

Safety Measures Post-Installation

Post-installation safety measures are as critical as those taken during and before the installation.

Testing the safety function of the gun

To ensure the safety of the firearm post-installation, proper testing of the safety function is recommended. Check if the safety switch is working correctly and efficiently before using the gun.

Maintaining a regular check on the safety aspects

Maintaining regular checks on various safety aspects, including the safety switch function, bolt function, and magazine release, ensures a safe and optimal operation of the firearm.

Common problems and how to address them

Addressing common problems such as jamming and misfiring quickly and effectively can prevent potential harm. If you face technical issues that you cannot resolve, seeking help from a professional gunsmith is advised.

Conclusion: Maximizing the Use of CMMG .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits

After following all the procedures mentioned above, you are now well-equipped to install, maintain, and operate your CMMG AR-15 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit.

Key takeaways from the installation and maintenance process

Remember, regular cleaning and maintenance are critical to keeping your firearm running smoothly and safely. Regular thorough cleaning followed by proper lubrication is necessary to ensure the longevity and functionality of your firearm.

Practical tips for usage

Sharing practical tips can enhance the use of the conversion kits. Always ensure that the firearm is unloaded before you begin any cleaning or maintenance task.

Where to seek help in case of technical issues

If you encounter complex technical issues that you cannot resolve, do not hesitate to seek help from professionals. There are numerous online forums and communities of gun enthusiasts who can provide insight and advice on various issues related to firearms.

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