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High Chaparral Gunsmithing Offers Custom Smith and Wesson Services and Products

In this article, you will learn about the different methods for improving the trigger pull on a Smith & Wesson revolver. The first method discusses the importance of shooting the revolver frequently to allow the parts to smooth out. The second method explains how replacing the springs with lighter ones can lower the trigger pull weight. The third method involves polishing the internal surfaces of the revolver frame and using light springs for a smoother trigger. The article provides a step-by-step guide and shares personal experiences. It’s important to exercise caution and consider seeking the help of a professional gunsmith.

High Chaparral Gunsmmithing Offers Custom Smith and Wesson Services and Products

High Chaparral Gunsmithing Offers Custom Smith and Wesson Services and Products

The article discusses three methods for doing a trigger job on a Smith & Wesson revolver to make the trigger pull lighter and smoother. High Chaparral Gunsmithing, a renowned name in the world of firearms customization, is here to share their expertise and offer custom Smith and Wesson services and products.

Shooting the Revolver Frequently

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve the trigger pull on a Smith & Wesson revolver is through frequent shooting. By allowing the metal parts to rub against each other, the trigger pull can gradually lighten and become smoother over time.

To achieve the desired results, it is important to focus on smoothing out the trigger. This can be done by consistently pulling the trigger and letting it reset, thus allowing the internal parts to move freely against each other. This repetitive motion helps in breaking in the trigger and reducing any roughness or grittiness.

The benefits of shooting the revolver frequently go beyond just improving the trigger pull. It also helps in familiarizing oneself with the firearm and enhancing overall shooting proficiency. Regular practice ensures better accuracy, control, and confidence while handling the revolver.

Replacing the Springs with Reduced Weight Springs

Another effective method for enhancing the trigger pull on a Smith & Wesson revolver is by replacing the springs with reduced weight springs. Springs play a crucial role in determining the trigger pull weight, so opting for lighter springs can significantly improve the overall feel of the trigger.

Understanding the role of springs in trigger pull weight is essential before replacing them. Lighter springs exert less force, resulting in a lighter and more manageable trigger pull. It is important to choose the right reduced weight springs based on the specific model of the revolver to maintain reliability and avoid potential issues.

Replacing the springs requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines. High Chaparral Gunsmithing provides a step-by-step guide that ensures a smooth and successful spring replacement process.

Using a Combination of Light Springs and Polishing the Internal Surfaces

For those looking to achieve the ultimate trigger pull improvement, a more intensive method involves using a combination of light springs and polishing the internal surfaces of the revolver’s frame. This technique involves meticulous work and attention to detail but can result in an incredibly smooth and light trigger pull.

Light springs, combined with polished internal surfaces, ensure minimal friction and smooth operation of the trigger mechanism. Polishing the internal surfaces requires the use of tools such as an Arkansas stone to carefully remove any roughness or imperfections.

High Chaparral Gunsmithing provides detailed instructions and recommendations for tools and resources needed for polishing the internal surfaces. This method requires patience and precision, but the end result is a truly exceptional trigger pull.

Author’s Personal Experience with Each Method

Dave, The author of this article, has personally tried each of the methods discussed above to improve the trigger pull on their Smith & Wesson revolver.

Through shooting the revolver frequently, the author noticed a gradual improvement in the trigger pull. The once heavy and gritty trigger became noticeably smoother and lighter with time. The benefits of regular shooting extended beyond just the trigger pull, as the author also experienced enhanced shooting proficiency and confidence.  Another benefit to this approach is the extreme reliability of ignition when using factory springs.

Replacing the springs with reduced weight springs resulted in a significant reduction in trigger pull weight.  The lighter springs made a noticeable difference in the overall feel of the trigger, resulting in a more pleasant shooting experience.  Anytime you change components the gun must be field tested for reliability and safety before returning it to the client or relying on it for self-defense purposes.

Using a combination of light springs and polishing the internal surfaces of the revolver frame proved to be the most intensive but rewarding method. The author meticulously followed the instructions and used the recommended tools and resources. The end result was a trigger pull that surpassed their expectations, offering a smooth and effortless shooting experience.  Dave mastered this skill starting in 1988 and has made contonual refinements to the process since.  One personal revolver with such modifications was a 686-1.   This revolver has been used for EDC, Cactus Combat League, Bowling Pins shoots against automatics, and long range shooting.  The trigger pull in both DA and SA allows for fast shooting, a predictable trigger break in DA and a light SA pull that was useful for long range targets.

Recommendations and Precautions

While the methods discussed above can greatly improve the trigger pull on a Smith & Wesson revolver, it is important to exercise caution when attempting a trigger job. Working on firearms requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. If unsure, it is always recommended to seek the help of a professional gunsmith who specializes in Smith & Wesson firearms.

In addition, it is crucial to consider safety measures and legal compliance when making any modifications or adjustments to firearms. It is the responsibility of firearm owners to ensure that any custom work performed on their firearms complies with local laws and regulations.

High Chaparral Gunsmithing’s Custom Smith and Wesson Services

High Chaparral Gunsmithing is a trusted name in the industry, known for their expertise in custom Smith and Wesson services and products. With years of experience and a passion for firearms, they offer a range of services catered specifically to Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Their custom services include trigger jobs, action tuning, refinishing, and more. Whether a shooter is looking to improve performance and functionality, enhance aesthetics and personalization, or increase the value and collectibility of their Smith & Wesson revolver, High Chaparral Gunsmithing has the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

The services provided by High Chaparral Gunsmithing are backed by their dedication to quality and expertise. They take pride in their workmanship and strive to exceed customer expectations with every project they undertake.

High Chaparral Gunsmmithing Offers Custom Smith and Wesson Services and Products

Custom revolvers from Dave Grimm @ High Chaparral Gunsmithing.   Multiple generations of Smith K and N frames with several different features each.

Benefits of Custom Smith and Wesson Services

Opting for custom Smith and Wesson services from a reputable gunsmith like High Chaparral Gunsmithing offers a range of benefits for firearm owners.

One of the primary benefits is improved performance and functionality. Custom work can help optimize the trigger pull, action, and overall accuracy of the revolver, resulting in a firearm that is tailored to the shooter’s specific needs and preferences.

Customization also allows for enhanced aesthetics and personalization. High Chaparral Gunsmithing offers various refinishing options, such as custom coatings and engravings, that can transform a basic Smith & Wesson revolver into a unique and visually appealing piece.

Furthermore, custom work has the potential to increase the value and collectibility of the revolver. With the expertise of a skilled gunsmith, modifications and enhancements can be done in a way that preserves the firearm’s integrity and historical significance.

Importance of Professional Gunsmithing for Custom Work

While DIY projects can be enticing, it is crucial to recognize the importance of professional gunsmithing when it comes to custom work on firearms, especially when dealing with high-quality Smith & Wesson revolvers.  All three of these methods can be learned.  However, the first two are especially easy and allow for a significant degree of improvement to the revolver.  That being said, if the gun is to be used for lie-saving purposes, the seriously consider the benefits of an having an experienced gunsmith check safety and reliability.   Special Note:  DO NOT ATTEMPT POLISHING ON THE TRIGGER OR HAMMER WITHOUT THE RIGHT TOOLS AND REFERENCE MATERIAL.  The fastest way to compromise any gun is interfereing with the architecture of the trigger and hammer relationship.

Professional gunsmiths possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that custom work is performed safely and effectively. They understand the intricacies of each firearm model and can provide expert guidance on the best course of action for customization.

By opting for professional gunsmithing services, firearm owners can avoid the risks associated with inexperienced modifications and potential damage to the firearm. Professional gunsmiths guarantee a level of professionalism and expertise that DIY projects may lack.

Professional gunsmithing also ensures the longevity and reliability of the firearm. Custom work performed by a skilled gunsmith is more likely to withstand the test of time, ensuring that the firearm continues to perform optimally and reliably for years to come.

High Chaparral Gunsmmithing Offers Custom Smith and Wesson Services and Products


In conclusion, High Chaparral Gunsmithing offers custom Smith and Wesson services and products that can significantly improve the trigger pull on a Smith & Wesson revolver. The methods discussed in this article, including shooting the revolver frequently, replacing the springs with reduced weight springs, and using a combination of light springs and polishing the internal surfaces, provide various options for achieving a lighter and smoother trigger pull.

The author’s personal experience highlights the effectiveness of each method in reducing trigger pull weight and improving the overall shooting experience. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and seek professional assistance when attempting a trigger job, as working on firearms requires a certain level of expertise.

High Chaparral Gunsmithing’s range of custom Smith and Wesson services offers firearm owners the opportunity to enhance performance, aesthetics, and value. By trusting their firearms to the expertise of a professional gunsmith, individuals can ensure that their Smith & Wesson revolvers are customized to their specific needs and preferences, and are built to last.

If you’re seeking to improve the trigger pull on your Smith & Wesson revolver, explore the customization options offered by High Chaparral Gunsmithing and experience the difference that professional gunsmithing can make.