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Magpul MS-1 Sling instructional Video

This detailed instructional piece entails the versatility and adaptability of the Magpul MS-1 Sling. Designed to depart from the traditional approach of pre-included attachment hardware, the MS-1 arrives bare, thus leaving the prerogative of attachment hardware to you. This revolutionary design effectively opens up a wider scope of interchangeable application, enabling the usage of either the Magpul pair clips or Q Ds that are subsequently available, or simply affixing the sling through a stock attachment point or sling swivel. Given its large range of applicability, it is recommended that the webbing of this sling be doubled back on itself and interlaced through the fit buckle for guaranteed security.

Different sling attachment points are obtainable from Magpul including RSA, RSA QD, and the ASAP buttstock QD sockets. Highlighting the importance of customization, all adjustments for the sling should be executed on the fixed end, ensuring the maximum amount of length adjustment. The practicality and affordability of the Magpul MS-1 Sling make it an appealing choice for a wide range of users. The MS-1 Sling has also been tested for durability, supporting loads up to 300 pounds and undergoing 12,000 adjustment cycles without losing its functionality. Truly, the Magpul MS-1 Sling offers value for your money while providing a plethora of functionalities.

Magpul MS-1 Sling instructional Video

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Check out the Magpul MS-1 Sling instructional Video here.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Magpul MS-1 Sling Package

The Magpul MS-1 Sling Package comes as a departure from the traditional slings. When you open the package, you’ll notice there is no attachment hardware included unlike its predecessors. Instead of attaching hardware, the Magpul MS-1 comes bare, with fit buckle adjusters on either end to allow you to swap out hardware based on your application needs.

Contents of the package

The package of the MS-1 Sling carries no attachment hardware. It only comprises of the sling itself, which is designed with fit buckle adjusters on each end, allowing for modifications according to your needs.

Lack of attachment hardware

Unlike previous slings, the MS-1 sling doesn’t include sewn-in hardware. This is due to the advanced versatility of the MS-1 sling, which is designed to give the user the flexibility and choice of attachment hardware.

Potential attachment options

The design of the MS-1 offers users the choice of using Magpul Paraclips or Quick Detach (QD) mechanisms, available separately. Alternatively, by looping the sling through a stock attachment point or sling swivel, you also manage to secure your firearm position. Doubling the webbing back on itself and through the fit buckle is recommended to lock it in place securely.

Exploring Attachment Options

Magpul has made the MS-1 adaptable to various attachment mechanisms to meet any user requirements.

Use of Magpul pair clips or QD

Magpul pair clips or QDs can be used as attachment options for the MS-1 sling. These mechanisms are sold separately.

Looping through stock attachment point or sling swivel

Unlike in previous slings, the MS-1 sling can be looped through the stock attachment point or sling swivel, adding to the adaptability of this cutting-edge product.

Recommendation for the webbing

To ensure optimum utility and in an attempt to maintain the sling’s stability, it is always recommended to double the webbing back on itself. You can then thread it through the fit buckle to lock it in place. This method gives additional leverage and provides a safer and more secure hold.

Magpul Sling Attachment Points

Magpul provides a variety of prospective sling attachment points, considerably adding to the flexibility of the MS-1 sling package.

Overview of available attachment points

Some of the available sling attachment points from Magpul include the RSA, RSA QD, ASAP buttstock QD sockets, and QD ASAP for seamless attachment.

Details of the RSA, RSA QD, ASAP buttstock QD sockets and QD ASAP

The aforementioned attachment points are quite crucial in ensuring your Sling is properly fitted to your preference. The RSA and RSA QD are uniquely designed to be attached to the front end for maximum functionality. The ASAP buttstock QD sockets and QD ASAP are designed to ensure easy transitions without getting tangled.

Introduction to the NSA and the MSA QD

For further flexibility, Magpul offers additional sling attachment points such as the NSA and MSA QD. These added attachment points foster a higher level of adaptability, catering to all your tactical needs.

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Fitting the Sling

The MS-1 Sling should be fitted tightly enough without being restrictive.

Adjustments for links

When adjusting the sling, always use the fixed end on the sling. This way, you’ll preserve maximum length adjustment using the slider end. It allows for comfortable manipulations while in combat gear.

Setting up for 2-point use

When adjusting the sling for a 2-point use, ensure the slider is completely out. Moreover, check that the sling is sufficiently lengthy to permit appropriate firearm operations in the gear you dom to use.

Ensuring appropriate firearm retention

An essential step is making sure that when the sling is tightened to its highest, it offers acceptable firearm retention. This ensures the sling is not overly tighten causing discomfort, neither is it too loose that it affects firearm performance.

Optimal Use of the MS-1 in Two-Point Mode

To ensure efficiency and easy use, the front end of the MS-1 should be attached to a suitable attachment point.

Attachment points for front and rear

The RSA QD, for instance, is a good choice for the front, with the end plate sling adapter or ASAP appetizing for the rear end.

Advantages of placing on the outside of the butt stock

Placing the rear end on the outside of the butt stock is beneficial. An alternative could be threading it through the stock itself. Both options enable easy shoulder transitions without entanglement.

Handling sling lengths for various implementations

In a dual-point mode, you can quickly alter the sling lengths for various implementations. This flexibility allows seamless maneuverability in different operational scenarios.

Features of the New Low Profile Slider

The MS-1 sling houses a new game-changing feature — the low profile slider.

Smooth adjustments

This new slider allows for quick and smooth adjustments in both directions. This provides users with fuss-free modifications to achieve optimal fittings.

Retention of adjustment positions

The low-profile slider stays in place and retains the adjusted position, eliminating common issues with loosening or adjustment migrations seen in other slings.

Benefits of design for various conditions such as wearing gloves

In addition to its enhanced functionality, the design of the MS-1 slider also allows for easy find and adjust, irrespective of wearing gloves. This makes it suitable for various weather conditions.

Using MS-1 on a Conventional Hunting Rifle

Remarkably, the MS-1 sling is compatible with traditional hunting rifles.

Understanding attachment process

To use the MS-1 on a conventional hunting rifle, attach it to the standard sling swivels. This ensures a firm hold while having quick detachment capability if needed.

Recommended adjustments for comfortable carry

Adjust the sling to a length that facilitates comfortable carry. By doing so, you’re ensuring mobility without impeding your firearm’s functionality.

Applying sling for shooting support

Moreover, the sling can be lengthened to utilize it for shooting support. This feature proves to be beneficial for stability during long-range shots.

Exploring Multi-Mission Capability with MS-1 System

The MS-1 sling offers exceptional compatibility with a multi-mission system.

Exploring the adapter options for MS-1

Two key ways exist to attain the MS-1 system multi-mission functionality. One such method involves introducing an adapter to your current MS-1 sling.

Understanding the functionality adaptations for MS-3 and MS-3 QD

For instance, adding an MS-3 adapter and a paraclip to your MS-1 affords you the functionality of the MS-3. But if you attach an MS-3 QD adapter and a paraclip, you end up with MS-3 QD functionality.

Examining functionality adaptations for MS-4

Similarly, equipping your MS-1 sling with an MS-4 adapter and a QD bestows you with the functionality of an MS-4 sling.

Transitioning to Gen 2 versions of Legacy Slings

If you desire to access specific multi-mission functionality right from the start, look for the Generation 2 (Gen 2) versions of legacy slings.

Meeting the MS-3, MS-3 QD, and MS-4 Gen 2 slings

The Gen 2 versions comprise MS-3, MS-3 QD, and MS-4 slings, ready for use in their respective packages.

Understanding the MS-1 base sling in Gen 2

These slings come with an MS-1 base sling and other appropriate adapters.

Comparing the Gen 2 sliders with previous loop adjusters

In contrast to the previous loop adjuster, the Gen 2 versions have low-profile MS-1 sliders. These are adjustable and easy to use.


The Magpul MS-1 Sling presents an innovative design with cutting-edge features that are designed to simplify the user’s experience while ensuring functionality.

Revisiting the key features of the MS-1 sling

Key features include the ability to modify the attachment hardware, the adaptability to various attachment points, the new low-profile slider for easy adjustments, and the compatibility with traditional hunting rifles.

Understanding the value offered

In addition to these features, the MS-1 sling has undergone stringent testing and withstood a load of up to 300 pounds and has endured over 12,000 adjustment cycles with no loss of functionality. All this is offered at an incredibly affordable price point.

Final words on the instructional video

The Magpul MS-1 Sling instructional video further amplifies the user-friendly design of the product. Like all products sold by Brownells, the MS-1 sling system is backed by a 100% unconditional lifetime satisfaction guarantee, emphasizing the value and trust placed on this cutting-edge product. Thus, you are not only purchasing a robust and versatile sling but also investing in a guarantee of longevity and satisfaction. Explore the functionalities and possibilities of enhanced firearm operation with the Magpul MS-1 Sling.

Find your new Magpul MS-1 Sling instructional Video on this page.