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Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

You’re in for a treat. Real Avid is a notable manufacturer recognized for their superior quality products and services. Been searching for gun tools, multi-tools, build tools, or optic mounting gear? Look no further. With Real Avid, your search is over. Whether you’re in need of cleaning chemicals, tools and accessories, or handy smart mats, their offerings cater to a diverse range of needs.

Author’s Note: Last year, with the purchase of the Real Avid gun vise, we became immersed in the company, products, and most important the quality.   Their ability to take decades old systems and technology and rethink them for today is exceptional and we are happy to recommend them and their products whenever possible. 

At High Chaparral, we’ve tried a great many products over the years. So here’s the thing: Real Avid has revolutionized cleaning products and gunsmithing tools just like Magpul did for rifle magazines. While other brands have their merits (many merits indeed), Real Avid is now our go-to starting place for any new tool, whether for cleaning, the shop, or the range.  They are a place that you can have confidence know that you received a terrific value for your investment of dollars.

In addition to our ringing endorsement, on this page, you will find a link to our “Everything Real Avid” list where you can conveniently find whichever Real Avid Product you need.  

Are you a fan of the AR15, Glock, or perhaps the AK47? Whatever your gun type might be, Real Avid has you covered. Their wide selection includes products for all rifles, all pistols, all shotguns, and universal options. In the past year, they’ve brought a revolutionary change to the bench vise. The upgrade by Real Avid brought a profound impact and it was such a successful move that the products have been flying off the shelves ever since.

Overview of Real Avid

Founding and Purpose of the Company

Real Avid is a dynamic organization with a core purpose centered on brilliant design, rigorous testing, and a tireless commitment to revolutionize the way shooters care for their firearms. The company offers a vast range of products designed to match the industry’s ever-evolving needs and demands.

Overview of Their Product Range

Real Avid boasts a comprehensive product range, encompassing everything from gun tools, firearms gear, cleaning supplies, and innovative items specific to various types of firearms. This includes but is not limited to AR15s, AK47s, Glocks, and 1911s, they also offer universal products that work across various gun types.

Company Ethos and Approach to Gun Care

Real Avid’s ethos is simple: to innovate and revolutionize. They strive to create cutting-edge, effective, and intelligent solutions that redefine the standard of firearm maintenance and care. Using state-of-the-art technology and industry insights, they work relentlessly to ensure that you, the firearm enthusiast, get the best experience and results.

Everything Real Avid
We have put everything from Real Avid into one list.  Buy one or buy a bunch of items.  Ultra convenient for you!!

Real Avid’s Top Featured Products

Master Grade® Scope Mounting Combo

Meet the Master Grade® Scope Mounting Combo, one of Real Avid’s top-featured products. Combining master-level scope mounting capabilities with a thoughtfully designed aesthetic, this tool set is a powerful addition to your firearm maintenance kit.

Master Gun Vise®

The Master Gun Vise® is another flagship product of Real Avid. It’s the perfect companion to firearm owners who appreciate the value of secure, detailed maintenance and cleaning. This vise offers stability and precision, making it a noteworthy addition to any gun bench.

Armorer’s Master Kit® – AR15

The Armorer’s Master Kit® – AR15 is Real Avid’s offering for specific firearms enthusiasts. This all-inclusive, comprehensive toolset is designed for utmost precision, adaptability, and effectiveness when maintaining and customizing your AR15.

Speed Stand™

For those seeking tactical advantage, the Speed Stand™ truly shines. This quick-deploy stand helps in stabilizing shots, making it an indispensable piece of gear for those crucial moments on the field or during practice.

Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

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Best Selling Products

Everything Real Avid
We have put everything from Real Avid into one list.  Buy one or buy a bunch of items.  Ultra convenient for you!!

Accu-Punch® Master Set

Real Avid’s Accu-Punch® Master Set stands out in the line of their best-selling products. It features an array of carefully crafted and expertly designed punches for precise maintenance.

AR15 Tactical Maintenance Kit

Backed with high demand and splendid reviews, the AR15 Tactical Maintenance Kit is another best seller. This kit offers targeted solutions for maintaining the AR15, offering all necessary tools and accessories in a compact, portable package.

Armorer’s Master Kit® – AR15

The Armorer’s Master Kit® – AR15, as mentioned before, is also a bestseller. The all-encompassing toolkit is a hit amongst AR15 owners who seek detailed and comprehensive care for their firearm.

Smart-Torq® & Driver Master Set

Completing the list of bestsellers is the Smart-Torq® & Driver Master Set. This comprehensive set of torque drivers ensures consistent and precise torque for a well-maintained firearm, making it a popular purchase amongst gun DIY enthusiasts.

New Products from Real Avid

Tri-Max® Clp Gun Wipes – 60 Ct Canister

Real Avid is continuously innovating. Among their new releases, the Tri-Max® Clp Gun Wipes come in a canister of 60. They are designed for easy, efficient gun cleaning, revolutionizing gun care with convenience and effectiveness.

Bore-Max® Speed Brush® Multi-Cal Pack

Another newcomer is the Bore-Max® Speed Brush® Multi-Cal Pack. This handy pack includes multi-caliber brushes designed to clean efficiently and thoroughly, appealing to gun owners who seek comprehensive gun maintenance.

Front Sight Adjuster™ Pro

Real Avid’s new Front Sight Adjuster™ Pro tool allows shooters to fine-tune and adjust their sights with professional-grade precision.

Smart-Fit® Vise Block Sleeve For AR10*

The latest addition to the AR-specific line is the Smart-Fit® Vise Block Sleeve for AR10. This tool offers detailed maintenance assistance specifically for the AR10 firearm with precision and completeness.

Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

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The Real Avid Blog and Latest Publications

The Revolutionized Gun DIY with the Real Avid® Master Gun Vise®

Stay informed with Real Avid’s blog which often highlights their innovative products. In a recent publication, they have once again revolutionized Gun DIY with the Master Gun Vise®, offering gun lovers the ability to have an exclusive and comprehensive workbench assistance tool.

Smart Drive® 90: The Ultimate Gunsmithing Set with Force Assist™ Driver

Another interesting read from the blog, the Smart Drive® 90 has been dubbed the ‘ultimate gunsmith set’. Featuring the innovative Force Assist™ Driver, it’s truly a game-changer in gunsmithing sets.

The Power of a 45-Degree Offset Red Dot in Tandem With a Variable Optic

In another enlightening piece, Real Avid discusses the efficiency of using a 45-degree offset red dot in tandem with a variable optic, redefining precision shooting for firearm enthusiasts.

Real Avid Customer Service

Methods of Contact

Real Avid’s customer service is accessible and efficient. You can reach them by phone or email with any questions, concerns or feedback you might have regarding their line of products.

Warranty and Return Policy

The company stands behind its products with a strong warranty and return policy, ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase.

User Account Creation and Management

Creating a user account on the Real Avid website is simple and efficient. It allows for easy order tracking, faster checkout, and keeps you updated with latest releases and offers.

International Distributors

Expanding its global reach, Real Avid has international distributors ensuring that its range of products is available worldwide for firearm enthusiasts.

Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

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Real Avid’s Gun Types

Real Avid caters to various types of firearms: everything from AR15, AK47, Glock, 1911, to All Universal, All Pistol, All Rifle, and All Shotgun. You’ll find an array of products meticulously curated for each type providing focused solutions for gun care and upkeeping.

Real Avid’s Shop by Gun Cleaning

Cleaning your firearm is an important part of gun maintenance. Real Avid offers a specialist range of cleaning chemicals, kits, cleaning stations, tools and accessories, and smart mats designed to keep your gun in top shape and extend its life.

Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

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Real Avid’s Shop by Gun Tools

You can trust Real Avid for all your firearm tool needs as well. Their extensive line of build tools, multi-tools, and optics mounting equipment are unmatched in quality and design.

Real Avid Affiliates & Sponsorship

Real Avid Affiliate Program

Earn with Real Avid through their affiliate program. Here you can generate revenue by promoting Real Avid’s products on your platform, a great opportunity for enthusiasts who wish to collaborate.

Donation and Sponsorship Request

Real Avid also values community involvement and supports relevant causes, events, and organizations through donations and sponsorships.

Advantages of Becoming a Dealer

Becoming a Real Avid dealer comes with numerous advantages including exclusive discounts, access to new product launches, and the opportunity to participate in exclusive Real Avid promotions. Overall, you can provide your customers with innovative, high-quality gun care products.

Manufacturer Showcase: Real Avid

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