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Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider

As you immerse yourself into the intriguing world of the AR15, the spotlight in this piece is the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider. In light of Brownell’s extensive sales of Flash Suppressors, a casual experiment was conducted to test the effectiveness of selected Flash Suppressors against a rifle sans the same, and subsequently against each other. This was done at night using a selective fire AR-15 A3 with a 16-inch barrel, a one in nine twist, the same rifle and barrel for all tests, and just variating the flash suppressors.

Experience through the details how each flash suppressor was tested, with three semi-automatic shots followed by five fully automatic shots. Observe the rifle shot first void of a flash suppressor, then with a different flash suppressor. Included is slow-motion footage for further detail and comparison of each flash suppressor’s performance. Though it’s pivotal to remember that while this comparison is indeed informative and intriguing, it should not be considered scientifically definitive. Nevertheless, it provides an insightful reference point for those interested or involved in the arms industry.

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Overview of Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider

In your tactical shooting adventures, you might have come across a variety of AR-15/ M16 components. Today, we divert our attention to one specific component, the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider. Before diving into its specifics, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with what a flash hider is and what it does.

Definition and Functionality of a Flash Hider

A flash hider, also known as a flash suppressor, is a device attached to the muzzle of a rifle or other firearm that reduces its visible signature while firing by cooling or dispersing the unburned powder residues that cause the visible flash. This component becomes more essential when you venture into low light or night shooting environments.

Specific Features of the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider

The Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider designed to offer maximum flash suppression, durability, and enhanced accuracy. It achieves enormous flash suppression through its patented design which reduces muzzle rise for improved shooting consistency. The Vortex Flash Hider successfully eliminates the typical ‘tuning fork’ impact vibration and noise commonly observed with most flash suppressors.

The Importance of a Flash Hider in a Tactical Weapon

Flash hiders should not be taken for granted when aiming for a tactical advantage in shooting scenarios, especially during dimly lit conditions where concealment is key.

The role of a Flash Hider during Night Shooting

Without a flash hider, the bright light generated each time a round is fired off can easily give away your position, let alone temporarily blind you. A flash hider ensures the lesser visible muzzle flash, thereby preserving your night vision, as well as keeping your location concealed from potential threats.

Implications of using a Tactical Weapon without a Flash Hider

Using a tactical weapon without a flash hider poses risks. First, as previously mentioned, your concealed position can be exposed by the bright flash – an undesirable outcome during any tactical scenario. Secondly, without a flash hider, the unburned powder exiting your rifle can temporarily blind or disorient you, negatively impacting shooting accuracy and safe handling of the firearm.

Comparison Experiment Setting and Procedure

Investigate the effectiveness of various flash hiders, an experiment was conducted. The primary goal was to evaluate and compare their performance under the same conditions.

Methodology of the Comparison Experiment

The comparison experiment aimed at keeping everything as consistent as possible to achieve dependable data for comparison. This non-scientific test compared multiple flash hiders’ performance to a rifle without any suppressor and against one another.

Description of the Used Rifle and its Modifications for Each Suppressor

All assessments were conducted on a selective fire AR-15 A3 featuring a 16-inch barrel with a one in nine twist. The same rifle and barrel were used in all tests, with the only variation being the flash suppressor in use.

Temperature, Humidity and Shooting Conditions during the Test

The experiment was conducted with environmental variables held consistent: a temperature of 72 degrees and a relative humidity of 70%. The rifle was shoulder-mounted; shots were initiated from the same position throughout all the tests to ensure consistent results.

Shooting Procedure: Number of Shots, Fire Modes

During each scenario, three semi-automatic shots followed by five fully automatic shots were fired. This process was repeated with each different flash suppressor being assessed.

Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider

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Ammunition used in the Experiment

A consistent ammunition type was used throughout the entire testing period to ensure reliable comparison.

Ammunition type and features

The ammunition selected for all tests was 556 PR VI partisan 62-grain Full Metal Jacket from the same lot. This ammunition choice was uniform across all suppressors to further enhance the experiment’s consistency.

Influence of Ammunition in the Efficiency of Flash Suppressors

The choice of ammunition substantially influences how effectively a flash hider can reduce the visible muzzle flash and hence the concealment achieved. Therefore, using the same type of ammunition across all tests is critically important.

Reasons for Choosing 556 PR VI Partisan 62-Grain Full Metal Jacket

556 PR VI Partisan 62-Grain Full Metal Jacket was chosen for its consistent performance and universal application in similar weapons and conditions. This ensured that the difference observed during the experiments was due to the flash hiders’ performance rather than the ammunition used.

Procedure for Flash Suppressor Change

Changes in the flash suppressors tested were executed in a controlled manner.

How the Flash Suppressor Change was Done for Each Test

The suppressor was swapped out after each series of shots from the rifle. It was done in a systematic manner to ensure that the results were comparable across all devices.

Precautions Taken While Changing the Flash Suppressors

Care was taken during the swapping of the suppressors to avoid any injuries or damage. The rifle was properly checked and secured before any modification. Also, the rifle was allowed to cool down before the flash suppressor was changed to prevent any heat-related risks to the tester.

Slow Motion Analysis of the Flash Suppressor Performance

A slow-motion footage analysis was conducted to give a clearer view of each flash suppressor’s performance.

Techniques Used in Generating Slow Motion Footage

The filming was done in both real-time and slow-motion footage for more in-depth analysis. The slow-motion footage allowed for a detailed study of each flash suppressor’s performance, revealing what would be otherwise missed in normal speed.

What the Slow Motion Footage Reveals About Each Flash Suppressor

The slow-motion footage discovered varying degrees of heat dissipation and flash reduction among the tested suppressors. It highlighted the varying performance levels of each flash suppressor during rapid firing, giving a clearer understanding of each suppressor’s true capabilities.

Limitations of the Comparison Experiment

Like every experiment, certain limitations were noted. These important considerations should be taken into account when interpreting the results.

Why the Test is Considered Non-scientific

Although the experiment provided valuable insights, it was considered non-scientific. This is due to the lack of controlled variables, insufficient sample size, and no other measurements taken during the tests.

Specific Measurements that were not Captured in the Test

While the experiment was able to visually compare the performance of various flash suppressors, certain metrics were not captured. These include the specific amount of flash reduction, heat dissipation rate, and the exact measurement of muzzle climb reduction.

Findings from the Non-Scientific Experiment

The experiment brought out some fascinating results worth noting.

Performance of the Smith Enterprise Vortex Compared to Other Flash Suppressors

The experiment results showed that the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider performed admirably against other flash suppressors. Its unique design demonstrated superior flash reduction capabilities compared to its counterparts.

Effect of the Flash Suppressor on the Weapon’s Performance

It was also observed that the flash suppressor substantially influences the weapon’s overall performance. This is mainly by reducing muzzle climb, preserving the shooter’s night vision and concealing the shooter’s location.

Audience and Application of Findings

The findings from this experiment should be highly informative and applicable for a broad audience.

Types of Users Who Might Benefit from These Findings

Professional shooters, military, law enforcement officers, and tactical shooting hobbyists are likely to find the most value from the findings of this experiment. This information can guide these users towards making informed decisions when purchasing flash hiders and other tactical gear.

How to Apply the Findings of This Experiment in Real-world Situations

These findings can be applied in actual shooting scenarios where a shooter desires a tactical advantage. It is crucial when choosing your gear, especially when working in low-light scenarios. The knowledge gained from this experiment should help in deciding the most suitable flash hider for your shooting needs.


The Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider has proven to be a reliable and high-performing component in this non-scientific comparison experiment. While it is key to consider the limitations of the experiment, the findings shed light on the importance of a flash hider in maintaining tactical advantage, especially in low light shooting scenarios.

Brief Recap of the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider Non-Scientific Test

The test demonstrated that the Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider holds its ground against other flash suppressors. The experiment’s results showed that this device significantly impacts a weapon’s performance by controlling muzzle flash, minimizing muzzle climb, and preserving the shooter’s position.

Final Thoughts on the Role and Significance of using Flash Hiders in Tactical Weapons

In the final analysis, the importance of using a flash hider in a tactical weapon cannot be underestimated. Its role in flash suppression, maintaining night vision, and concealing the shooter’s location is immense, all of which contribute to improved shooting accuracy and safety. The Smith Enterprise Vortex AR-15/M16 Tactical Flash Hider is one to consider for its superior performance.

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