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Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine – (How to…)

Discover how to handle the D-60 AR15 drum magazine by Magpul in this comprehensive guide, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user. In this discussion, Simon Pierce from Brownells, a well-versed product manager, joins forces with Jared Pollock to grant you an up-close and personal look at the intricacies of this unique and compact device. They’ll walk you through how to load, download, disassemble and clean the magazine, so you can maximize its use and prolong its lifespan.

In 2012, Magpul embarked on a mission to design and manufacture a 60-round drum magazine that maintained the same standards found in its beloved 30-round PMAG Jena three – a goal they accomplished after several years of research and development. This resulted in the D-60, a magazine described as compact, sturdy, highly functional, and remarkably reliable under any condition. This drum magazine boasts a small profile, designed with the prone shooter in mind, and offers features such as a bolt hold-open, a view window for tracking remaining ammunition, and a robust polymer construction for enhanced longevity.

Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine - (How to…)

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Table of Contents

Understanding the Basics of Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

The Magpul D-60 AR15 drum magazine is a leading product in firearms gear, characterised by dependability and a small-profile design.

The Design and Development of the D-60

In 2012, Magpul embarked on a mission to design and develop a 60-round drum magazine that would meet the same standards as the popular PMAG 30 Gen M3. Creating such a design was a formidable challenge that took about a year to achieve perfection. The outcome was a compact and small drum magazine that maintains the same profile as the standard PMAG. It was particularly designed with a prone shooter in mind. This thoughtful design serves to allow the shooter to get down low and even use the magazine as a base for shooting if need be.

Features of the D-60 Drum Magazine

The D-60 drum magazine comes with a litany of features for the benefit of the user. One striking feature is that it can be fully loaded on a closed bolt. It also includes a bolt hold-open feature and a view window on the back to allow you to see how many rounds you have left. Other significant features include a paint pen dot matrix and durable polymer used in all Magpul products. Unrivaled in its functionality, the D-60 works extremely well under any condition.

Testing and Functionality of the D-60

The team at Magpul has put in tens of thousands of rounds in testing the D-60 drum magazine to ensure reliability and performance. They have achieved zero malfunctions, even when some D-60s have gone through as many as seven to eight thousand rounds. This arduous testing emphasizes Magpul’s commitment to offer a reliable, functional, and high-performance product.

Loading the D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

The process of loading the D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine is critical to its effective use.

The Importance of Reading the Included Instructions

Upon opening your Magpul D-60 pack, you’ll notice a dust cover and an attention-grabbing red warning sticker instructing you to read the instructions first. It is essential to adhere to these instructions for smooth use of the magazine.

Using the Loading Lever

The D-60 drum magazine comes equipped with a loading lever intended to ease the tension on that follower. This lever is instrumental during the loading process. When applying pressure on the lever, you smoothly drop the magazine and put the rounds in, one at a time, similar to a standard magazine.

The Compatibility with Different Loading Devices

Another feature of this highly-versatile magazine is its compatibility with different loading devices, especially the Strip Lulla. If your ammunition comes on a stripper clip, you simply drop it in, put it on the back of the magazine, apply tension on the loading lever, and run it down in the magazine.

How to Load Single Rounds

To load single rounds, just like with standard mags, employ the loading lever by applying pressure on it. Then, smoothly drop the magazine and put in the rounds one at a time.

How to Load with Strip Lulla

When using a Strip Lulla, if your ammunition comes on a stripper clip, simply drop it in, apply tension on the loading lever, and run the rounds down into the magazine.

Downloading the D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

The process of downloading the D-60 magazine involves several steps and is critical to the operation of the equipment.

Methods to Download the D-60

Though there are different methods of download, the most efficient way is through the gun by firing the rounds off.

The Role of the Loading Lever in the Downloading Process

One essential detail to note when downloading the D-60 is that the loading lever does not necessarily need to be up. You don’t require the lever to download the magazine, unlike during loading.

The Long-term Storage of Loaded D-60

Interestingly, the D-60 can be stored fully loaded for an extended period, years even, without causing any damage to the magazine. This ability to maintain its function even when loaded for a long time underlines the D-60’s longevity.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of the D-60 Drum Magazine

Maintaining the D-60 drum magazine in top condition requires regular cleaning, which involves several steps.

Pre-cleaning Preparation

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure you unload your magazine and remove the tension off the follower.

Recommended Cleaning Intervals

It’s advisable to clean the interior of the magazine every 1,000 rounds. You should consider applying a light coat of CLP oil to the interior for best results.

Removal and Cleaning of Internals

After popping off the tabs, you can get the back plate off and access the internals of the magazine. A simple wipe with a rag is usually enough to clean it properly.

Reassembly Post Cleaning

After cleaning, you can reassemble the parts in reverse order. Get the back cover on, line up everything, and put it back together.

Disassembling the Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

The disassembling process of the D-60 is straightforward and can be easily done whenever necessary.

Removal of Front and Back Cover

Using a flathead screwdriver, you can pop off the tabs and get the plate off. The front covers come off without the risk of breakage, considering they are made of durable polymer.

Steps to Disassemble the Internals

Once the front cover is off, by pushing the tabs, you can get the backplate off to view the internals of the magazine.

Care to Be Taken During Disassembly

One thing to note during disassembly is the need to ensure the tabs don’t break. In case of breakage, the magazine can still run. However, you won’t be able to use the loading lever to assist further.

Inspection of Parts During Disassembly

The disassembly process is an excellent opportunity to inspect the internals and ensure everything is in optimal working condition.

Reassembling Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

Just like disassembling, reassembling the D-60 is also a straightforward procedure that can easily be done.

Sequence of Reassembly

First, you will need to line up everything and put it back together.

Reassembling the Internals

Once the internal parts are reassembled, you can attach the backplate and then put on the front cover.

Reattaching the Back Cover

After the internals are put back together, you will need to reattach the back cover, ensuring it’s securely in place.

Reattaching the Front Cover

Finally, the front cover can be reattached, clicking it into place, to complete the reassembly process.

Practical Use of the D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

Field Testing of the D-60

Field testing has proven the D-60 to be a highly reliable magazine, providing a performance that sets it apart from its competition.

Performance and Reliability in Different Conditions

The D-60 has demonstrated consistent performance and reliability under varying conditions, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular among users.

Comparing the D-60 to Other Magazines

Comparing the D-60 with the PMAG 30 Gen M3

When compared with the PMAG 30 Gen M3, the D-60 shares the same footprint and delivers comparable, if not superior, performance with the added capacity of 60 rounds.

Comparison of Feed Speed with Other Magazines

In terms of feed speed, the D-60 is on the upper end. It feeds quite fast, making it the fastest feeding magazine available in the market.

Reliability Comparison with Other Magazines

The D-60 also outperforms most other magazines in terms of reliability. As the numerous rounds passed through it during testing have demonstrated, the D-60 exhibits zero malfunctions, showcasing its incredible reliability.

AR15: The Ideal Platform for the D-60

The Compatibility of the D-60 with the AR-15

Given its features and design, the D-60 is ideally suited for use with the AR-15. It can be loaded and used without any challenges on the AR-15 platform.

Shooting Experience with the D-60 on the AR-15 Platform

With 60 rounds and the fastest feed rate, using the D-60 on the AR-15 platform is a highly satisfying experience. All you have to do is load the magazine, attach it to your firearm, and enjoy seamless shooting.


Summarizing the Unique Features of D-60

The D-60 AR15 drum magazine is in a class of its own, with a unique set of features and a design that sets it apart from other magazines. Its high capacity, compact size, and compatibility with the AR-15 platform make it an excellent choice for firearm enthusiasts.

Understanding the High Demand for the D-60

The D-60’s unique features, extreme reliability, and high round capacity are a few reasons why there is such high demand for this drum magazine.

Final Thoughts on the D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine

The D-60 magazine’s robust performance, reliability, and additional features make it a leading choice among firearm accessories. Users can expect a top-performing magazine that delivers under different conditions.

Where to Purchase the D-60

The D-60 drum magazine can be found in many firearm accessories stores and online platforms. When investing in this product, remember to also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, loading, and downloading to maintain its longevity and reliability.

Get your own Magpul’s D-60 AR15 Drum Magazine - (How to…) today.