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Product Spotlight: Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19

The ‘Product Spotlight: Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19’ sheds light on a unique pistol slide that fits on Glock 19 or Glock 19 style frames but is remarkably the length of a 17. The video offers a detailed overview of the product, discussing its exclusive specifics, and its benefits, such as a longer sight radius if you’re utilizing your iron sights, and a slight reduction in recoil due to increased mass on the front end.

While you might be allured by the apparently discontinued, yet desirable, Brownells long slide for Glock 19, the video also prompts viewers to voice any questions, comments, or experiences on the website or YouTube. The purpose of this showcase is to provide an informed understanding of featured products in a professional yet engaging manner. Now, it’s about time you found out why this is indeed a big deal for Glock 19 enthusiasts.

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Product Description: Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19

The Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19 is a distinguished product designed to enhance the functionality and shooting experience for your Glock 19 firearm. This feature-rich product has been meticulously tailored to suit the needs of avid shooters and gun enthusiasts alike.

Origins of the Brownells Long Slide

The Brownells Long Slide was developed by the celebrated gunsmiths at Brownells with the intention of modernizing and advancing the Glock 19 style frame. It is not an original Glock Factory product but a remarkable upgrade designed to alter the slide length of your firearm and improve your shooting performance.

Detailed features and specifications of the Long Slide

The Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19 differs from other slides in length, being made to fit a Glock 19 or Glock 19 style frames, whilst extending to the length of a standard Glock 17 firearm slide. This additional length offers users several advanced characteristics which we’ll delve into later in this article.

Compatibility with Glock Models

Although the Brownells Long Slide is made specifically for Glock 19 firearms, it also accommodates Glock 19 style frames, offering substantial performance enhancements.

Ideal Glock models for the Brownells Long Slide

The Glock 19 and Glock 19 style frames are ideal for the Brownells Long Slide. The slide’s extended length offers these models an upgraded functionality, turning a typical Glock 19 into a more advanced firearm.

Limitations in compatibility with various Glock versions

One key limitation of this product is its compatibility. While the slide fits Glock 19 or Glock 19 style frames, it does not work with other Glock versions. For instance, you cannot simply stick a Glock 17 slide onto a Glock 19 and expect it to function correctly.

Benefits of Longer Slide

The Brownells Long Slide offers several significant benefits, mainly associated with its extended length.

The importance of extended length

Extended length provides the shooter with a feeling of having a more substantial firearm. This feeling can aid in improving the comfort and confidence of the shooter.

Enhanced accuracy due to longer sight radius

The extended slide length also increases the sight radius if you’re employing your iron sights. Although not directly translating to higher accuracy, it technically offers the potential for maintained accurate shots.

Potential benefits in handling and control

Furthermore, the Glock 19 frames fit most hands perfectly, but the additional length provided by the Long Slide equates to increased control, handling, and comfort during use.

Product Spotlight: Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19

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Recoil Control and Handling

The additional mass of the Brownells Long Slide plays an influential role in several key areas relating to the gun’s performance.

The role of extra mass in recoil reduction

A vital benefit of the slide’s extra mass is the potential for recoil reduction. Though not a drastic difference, the increase in mass absorbs some recoil energy, thereby reducing the gun’s recoil to some extent.

Influence on muzzle flip and overall control

The added mass also contributes to reducing muzzle flip and increasing your overall control of the firearm. This, in turn, can contribute to enhanced success and enjoyment in your shooting experience.

Visual and Functional Variations

The Brownells Long Slide is available in two variations to cater to the different preferences of individual users.

The RMR cut variation of the slide

One variation includes an RMR cut. This feature enables you to mount a Trijicon RMR easily, making your Glock 19 setup even more versatile.

Option for Window cut

The other variation offers a window cut in the slide. This gives users the flexibility to add a more personalized look to their firearm.

Comparison of different variations

Although both variations offer unique features, they ultimately provide the same fundamental benefits – enhanced shooting performance and an improved Glock 19 user experience.

Field Experience with the Brownells Long Slide

The Brownells Long Slide provides an outstanding upgrade to your Glock 19 firearm, significantly improving the field performance and shooting experience.

Personal use and experience feedback

As a personal favourite among Glock 19 setups, the Long Slide provides an enjoyable shooting experience. The slight reduction in recoil and boost in handling and control provided by the slide’s extended length are worth noting.

Benefits and concerns observed during use

While boasting several benefits, it is also important to note potential concerns that users may encounter. The principal limitation being the Long Slide’s restricted compatibility solely with Glock 19 and Glock 19 style frames.

Current Availability and Future Plans

Presently, the availability of the Brownells Long Slide is limited.

State of product availability

At the time of writing, these Glock 19 long slides are being discontinued. If you’re considering purchasing one, ensure to secure it soon since when the current stock is gone, they may no longer be available.

Plans for future production or discontinuation

Since the slide has been discontinued, there are no immediate plans for future production. However, changes may occur in response to customers’ need and preference.

Customer Interaction and Feedback Collection

Brownells encourages customer feedback and interaction. They’re eager to learn about your experiences and preferences to help with future product enhancements.

Channels for questions and comments

Whether you’re watching their demonstrations on YouTube or browsing their products on their website, Brownells welcomes questions, comments, and experiences with their products.

Utility of the feedback for product enhancement

Your feedback and suggestions are crucial, as they allow Brownells to continually refine their product offerings, improving and amplifying the user experience in the process.

Where to Buy and Product Support

Securing the Brownells Long Slide for your Glock 19 firearm is easy, and comprehensive product support is available to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise.

Availability online and offline

The Long Slide is available for purchase on the Brownells website and authorized dealers. Be sure to check the availability and secure yours soon as the item has been discontinued.

Customer support and technical assistance for the product

Brownells offers expert technical support to assist you with the product. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, their support staff are equipped to help and address your concerns.


The Brownells Long Slide for Glock 19 offers an outstanding balance of features and improvements for Glock 19 and 19 style frames. Its enhanced handling, increased sight radius, and manageable recoil make it an excellent upgrade to your Glock firearm.

Overall assessment of the Brownells Long Slide

While the Long Slide offers several benefits, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone due to its compatibility limitations. However, for Glock 19 owners, it presents an ideal choice to improve their firearm performance.

Potential improvements or advancements

With the current discontinuation of the long slide, future enhancements may be limited. However, with customer feedback, improved models or versions catering to more Glock versions might be a worthwhile consideration for future developments.

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