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Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades

In this article, Midwest Industries is taking the spotlight, with a closer look at their innovative upgrades for lever guns. Known in the past for their AR-15, they have been moving into territory many might find unexpected, modernizing lever action guns with intriguing accessories. Marlin lever action firearms accentuated with Midwest Industries’ accessories have already made a mark in the market. The focus is now shifting towards a new launch, which includes upgrades for the Rossi 92 and Winchester 94, enabling firearm enthusiasts to customize these platforms to a greater degree.

The article further unravels how Midwest Industries is transforming the game for lever action gun users. Lever action guns, such as the standard Rossi 92, are traditionally low-cost, accessible firearms, but accessorizing them remained a challenge. Now, utilizing M lock interfaces, Midwest Industries has been able to design a handguard which allows for a range of accessory mounts. This paradigm shift is not only about upgrading an individual weapon, but reinventing the whole lever gun platform for modern applications.

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Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades Overview

Midwest Industries has long been associated with AR-15 platforms. However, in recent years, the company has made a strategic shift away from AR-15s. Instead, the emphasis now lies in addressing the modernization needs of a classic firearm, the lever gun.

The shift in Midwest Industries’ focus from AR-15s

A change has been noted in the direction of Midwest Industries. You may recall a time when you thought of AR-15s when Midwest Industries came to mind, that is no longer the case. The company, known for its precision-made rifles, has pivoted away from AR-15s and is now directing its resources towards offerings that cater to lever gun users.

Modernization of the lever gun

A few years ago, Midwest Industries introduced their Marlin accessories for the Marlin Lever action guns. This signaled the start of the company’s intent to modernize lever guns. The shift towards adapting lever guns to modern accessories has inarguably breathed new life into these firearms by enhancing their functional capabilities.

The introduction of the new version for Rossi 92 and Winchester 94

Building on its success with the Marlin, Midwest Industries introduces its latest version for Rossi 92 and Winchester 94 owners. These lever gun users now have a fresh opportunity to modernize their weapons and incorporate tactical accessories into their shooting experience. This is a significant move for the company and demonstrates its commitment to maximizing the potential of these guns.

Upcoming rifles and accessories from Midwest Industries

Keeping followers and potential customers in suspense, Midwest Industries hints at new rifles and accessories in the pipeline. While details remain under wraps, you can expect to see innovative additions that expand the rifle’s functional capacity coming out later this year or early next year.

Primary Product Features

Midwest Industries lever gun upgrades feature handguards with an M lock interface, ghost ring rails sights, and a rail system across the firearms. These elements expand both the functionality and customization options of these firearms.

The M lock interface handguard

To improvise the types of accessories that can be fitted to a lever gun, Midwest industries devised an M lock interface handguard. This allows for various add-ons to be seamlessly included on the firearm.

Ghost ring rails sights

Midwest Industries also offers ghost ring rails sights. This feature allows the owner to switch out standard sights and place a top rail across the firearm. It’s a practical feature that provides more options to enhance shooting performance.

Rails system across the firearms

The rail system across the firearms is another upgrade that opens up more possibilities. Midwest Industries created this to extend along the top of the firearm, allowing for the addition of different equipment or to upgrade its aesthetic appeal.

The Marlin Accessories

Introduced a few years ago, Marlin accessories have been received with success despite some controversy.

The controversy around Marlin Accessories

There’s been controversy around Marlin Accessories due to the tactical nature of these lever gun upgrades. Purist enthusiasts have raised questions about the necessity of these modifications. Despite this, Midwest Industries stands by the modernization of these lever guns.

The use of Marlin Accessories in Modification

Marlin Accessories are used in the modification and modernization of Marlin Lever action guns. These modifications allow for the addition of various accessories, enhancing the guns’ functionality, and giving users more to work with.

Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades

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Discover more about the Product Spotlight: Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades.

The Rossi 92 Upgrade

The Rossi 92 lever action rifle is known for being an affordable option in the market. However, its potential for accessorization has not been fully realized until now.

The affordability of Rossi 92

With the Rossi 92, Midwest Industries recognized the potential in this affordable lever-action rifle. It was imported into the US market and gained attention for being a more affordable lever-action option.

Accessibility to accessories for Rossi 92

One of the main issues with the Rossi 92 has been the limited option for accessorization. Midwest Industries tackled this by developing a handguard with an M lock interface. This means that users can now introduce a variety of attachments to their Rossi 92, enhancing their shooting experience.

Introduction of the handguard for Rossi 92

The introduction of the handguard for the Rossi 92 signals a step forward for owners of this particular rifle. This handguard, designed with the M lock interface, finally affords the possibility of adapting practical accessories to the firearm.

The Winchester 94 Upgrade

Like the Rossi 92, the Winchester 94 has also been brought into the modern era with Midwest Industries’ upgrades.

Winchester 94 upgrade solution

Midwest Industries’ upgrade solution for the Winchester 94 lever action rifle involves a new handguard with an M lock interface. This creates opportunities for various accessories to be attached, thereby enhancing the usability of the Winchester 94.

Customizability options for Winchester 94

Apart from added functionality, the upgrades also bring a level of customization for Winchester 94 owners. Aesthetic enhancements and the added ability to add different accessories make it possible for users to tailor their Winchester 94 to match their needs.

The Henry Upgrade

The Henry lever-action rifle is another model favored by Midwest Industries for their collection of upgrades.

Basics of the Henry Upgrade

The basic Henry upgrade package includes the standard handguard with the M lock interface. However, a more comprehensive upgrade can include ghost ring rails sights, offering more options for sights and extending the rail system across the firearm.

The potential for customization with Midwest products

Midwest products offer great potential for customization for standard Henry lever-action rifles. Whether it’s adding a light, laser, or simply changing the aesthetics of the Henry, Midwest Industries products are bringing endless possibilities to this classic firearm.

The Practicality of Lever Gun Upgrades

While some may question the practicality of upgrading a lever gun, the enhancements these upgrades provide cannot be ignored.

The debate surrounding modification of lever guns

There’s been a debate surrounding the modification of lever guns. Similar to how AR-15 was met with opposition during its phase, several purists are questioning the necessity of changing these classic firearms. However, Midwest argues that modernization not only opens up more possibilities but also improves the gun’s usability.

The usability of an upgraded lever gun

Upgraded lever guns significantly improve usability, particularly for those who use their lever guns for hunting. With the ability to add lights and other accessories, the user experience is enhanced, and it’s not merely about appearance. By offering a wider array of options and additional adaptability, these upgrades amplify the lever gun’s practicality.

Lever Guns for Hunting

Traditionally, lever guns have some limitations when used for hunting. However, upgraded lever guns present opportunities to make hunting more efficient and adaptable.

The limitations of using traditional lever guns for hunting

One of the main limitations of traditional lever guns is their poor suitability for hunting at night. This can be especially problematic for those who hunt hogs, as most prefer hunting these creatures at night. This stems mainly from the absence of a way to mount the required accessories for night hunting.

Advantages of using upgraded lever guns for hunting

Upgraded lever guns overcome this limitation. The upgraded versions – with their provision for adding attachments like lights make hunting easier and accentuate the hunting experience. In particular, the use of mvgs, or night vision goggles, is now possible with the upgraded lever guns.

Preference situation for the use of lever guns with MVGs

Midwest Industries’ upgrades have opened the pathway for those who prefer to hunt with mvgs to retain their lever guns. Rather than switching to a different platform, these hunters can continue to use lever guns even at night, thanks to these additions.

Inspiration Behind the Upgrades

The inspiration behind these innovative upgrades is intriguing. They stem from a combination of creativity, observation and the desire to meet the evolving needs of gun users.

The makeshift methods prior to the introduction of the upgrades

Before the introduction of these upgrades, gun owners found makeshift methods to make their lever guns more functional. Instances were observed where users resorted to roughly attaching lights to their guns using duct tape or similar means. These crude adaptations underscored the growing need for a more refined solution.

Taking the product to the next level

Driven by the observed need, Midwest Industries strived to find a way for lever gun owners not to resort to impractical and unpolished methods to enhance their firearms. The upgrades were therefore designed with the aim to take lever guns to the next level, offering users an opportunity to enhance their firearms in a streamlined and sophisticated way.


Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades prove to be a game-changer in the world of lever guns. Despite initial controversies, these upgrades have found success in enhancing the functionality of lever guns and giving them a modernized appeal.

Assessing the impact of Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades

Midwest Industries Lever Gun Upgrades have positively impacted the experience of lever gun users, providing a bridge between the classic and the contemporary. These upgrades have not only enhanced the usability of these firearms but have also invigorated a fresh interest in them.

Future directions for Midwest lever gun upgrades

While the company remains tight-lipped about its future plans, customers can expect more innovative accessories and rifles in the future. Midwest Industries is poised to continue advancing lever gun modernization, ensuring that these historical firearms are brought in line with today’s technologies and shooting needs.

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